Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Hath Desired the Sea by Rudyard Kipling

Who Hath Desired the Sea
Rudyard Kipling

Who hath desired the Sea? -- the sight of salt water unbounded --
The heave and the halt and the hurl and the crash of the comber wind-hounded?
The sleek-barrelled swell before storm, grey, foamless, enormous, and growing --
Stark calm on the lap of the Line or the crazy-eyed hurricane blowing --
His Sea in no showing the same his Sea and the same 'neath each showing:
His Sea as she slackens or thrills?
So and no otherwise -- so and no otherwise -- hillmen desire their Hills!

Who hath desired the Sea? -- the immense and contemptuous surges?
The shudder, the stumble, the swerve, as the star-stabbing bow-sprit emerges?
The orderly clouds of the Trades, the ridged, roaring sapphire thereunder --
Unheralded cliff-haunting flaws and the headsail's low-volleying thunder --
His Sea in no wonder the same his Sea and the same through each wonder:
His Sea as she rages or stills?
So and no otherwise -- so and no otherwise -- hillmen desire their Hills.

Who hath desired the Sea? Her menaces swift as her mercies?
The in-rolling walls of the fog and the silver-winged breeze that disperses?
The unstable mined berg going South and the calvings and groans that declare it --
White water half-guessed overside and the moon breaking timely to bare it --
His Sea as his fathers have dared -- his Sea as his children shall dare it:
His Sea as she serves him or kills?
So and no otherwise -- so and no otherwise -- hillmen desire their Hills.

Who hath desired the Sea? Her excellent loneliness rather
Than forecourts of kings, and her outermost pits than the streets where men gather
Inland, among dust, under trees -- inland where the slayer may slay him --
Inland, out of reach of her arms, and the bosom whereon he must lay him
His Sea from the first that betrayed -- at the last that shall never betray him:
His Sea that his being fulfils?
So and no otherwise -- so and no otherwise -- hillmen desire their Hills.

All the Hemispheres By Hafiz

All the Hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadow and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.
Make a new watermark on your excitement
And love.

Like a blooming night flower,
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.
All the hemispheres in existence
Lie beside an equator
In your heart.

Greet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire

While stitching themselves together
Into the Great Circle inside of

Earth Voices by Bliss Carman

Bliss Carman

HEARD the spring wind whisper
Above the brushwood fire,
"The world is made forever
Of transport and desire.

"I am the breath of being,
The primal urge of things;
I am the whirl of star dust,
I am the lift of wings.

"I am the splendid impulse
That comes before the thought,
The joy and exaltation
Wherein the life is caught.

"Across the sleeping furrows
I call the buried seed,
And blade and bud and blossom
Awaken at my need.

"Within the dying ashes
I blow the sacred spark,
And make the hearts of lovers
To leap against the dark."

I heard the spring light whisper
Above the dancing stream,
"The world is made forever
In likeness of a dream.

"I am the law of planets,
I am the guide of man;
The evening and the morning
Are fashioned to my plan.

"I tint the dawn with crimson,
I tinge the sea with blue;
My track is in the desert,
My trail is in the dew.

"I paint the hills with color,
And in my magic dome
I light the star of evening
To steer the traveller home.

"Within the house of being,
I feed the lamp of truth
With tales of ancient wisdom
And prophecies of youth."

I heard the spring rain murmur
Above the roadside flower,
"The world is made forever
In melody and power.

"I keep the rhythmic measure
That marks the steps of time,
And all my toil is fashioned
To symmetry and rhyme.

"I plow the untilled upland,
I ripe the seeding grass,
And fill the leafy forest
With music as I pass.

"I hew the raw, rough granite
To loveliness of line,
And when my work is finished,
Behold, it is divine!

"I am the master-builder
In whom the ages trust.
I lift the lost perfection
To blossom from the dust."

Then Earth to them made answer,
As with a slow refrain
Born of the blended voices
Of wind and sun and rain,
"This is the law of being
That links the threefold chain:
The life we give to beauty
Returns to us again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Le train de la vie-auteur inconnu

Le train de la vie

La vie est comme un voyage dans un train:
on monte et on descend, il y a des accidents,
à certains arrêts, il y a des surprises
et à d'autres, il y a une profonde tristesse.

Quand on naît et qu'on monte dans le train,
nous rencontrons des personnes et nous croyons
qu'elles resteront avec nous pendant toute le voyage:
ce sont nos parents!

Malheureusement la vérité est toute autre.

Eux ils descendent dans une gare
et ils nous laissent sans leur amour et leur affection,
sans leur amitié et leur compagnie.

En tous cas, il y a d'autres personnes qui montent dans le train
et qui seront pour nous très importantes

Ce sont nos frères et nos soeurs,
nos amis et toutes les personnes merveilleuses que nous aimons.
Certaines considèrent le voyage comme un petite promenade.
D'autres ne trouvent que de la tristesse pendant leur voyage.
Il y a d'autres personnes toujours présentes
et toujours prêtes à aider ceux qui en ont besoin.
Certains quand ils descendent laissent une nostalgie pour toujours…
D'autres montent et descendent tout de suite
et nous avons tout juste le temps de les croiser…

Nous sommes surpris que certains passagers
que nous aimons, s'assoient dans un autre wagon
et que pendant ce temps nous laissent voyager seul.

Naturellement, personne peut nous empêcher
de les chercher partout dans le train.

Parfois malheureusement nous ne pouvons pas
nous asseoir à côte d'eux car la place est déjà prise.

Ce n'est pas grave…le voyage est comme ça:
plein de défis de rêves, d'espoirs, d'adieux….mais sans retour.

Essayons de faire le voyage de la meilleure façon possible.

Essayons de comprendre nos voisins de voyage
et cherchons le meilleur en chacun d'entre eux.

Rappelons nous qu'à chaque moment du voyage
un de nos compagnons peut vaciller
et peut avoir besoin de notre compréhension.
Nous aussi pouvons vaciller et il y aura toujours
quelqu'un pour nous comprendre.
Le grand mystère du voyage est que nous ne savons pas
quand on descendra du train pour toujours,
Nous ne savons pas non plus
quand nos compagnons de voyage feront la même chose.
Même pas celui qui est assis juste à côte de nous.
Moi je pense que je serai triste de quitter le train….j'en suis sûr!
La séparation avec tous les amis que j'ai rencontrés dans le train
sera douloureuse, laisser mes proches seuls sera très triste.
Mais je suis sûr qu'un jour ou l'autre j'arriverai à la gare centrale
et je les reverrai tous arriver avec un bagage
qu'ils n'avaient pas quand il sont montés dans le train.

Par contre je serai heureux d'avoir contribué
a augmenter et enrichir leur bagage

Nous tous mes amis, faisons tout le possible
pour faire un bon voyage et essayons de laisser
un bon souvenir de nous au moment
où nous descendrons du train.

A ceux qui font partie de mon train, je souhaite un


The flow of life-Author Unknown

The Flow of Life
Author Unknown

If the sky above seems cloudy,
And you are left out in the rain,
If you are searching for a rainbow,
But the colors bring you pain,
If your world is not revolving,
And there is no end in sight,
If you are looking for the sunshine,
But all you see is night,
If all around are smiling,
But all you can do is frown,

If you are tired of all this living,
When life just brings you down,
Then look beyond your teardrops,
At the wonders of this land,
The beauty of a flower,
Like velvet in your hand.
Feel the air around you,
The smell of new mown hay,
Laughing children in the park,
The innocence there at play,

Imagine floating with a butterfly,
As she flutters between the trees,
Or the whispers of the ocean,
On warm hot summer's breeze,
Think of the taste of candy floss,
As it melts upon your tongue,
Or the melody of morning birds,
As they greet each day with song,

Remember words of beauty,
Told in your mother's embrace,
Feel the gentleness of her touch,
As she softly kissed your face,
Seek the good within you,
Cast the clouds from your sky,
Don't look toward the pavement,
But hold your head up high,
Think not what life owes you,
But of all you have to give,
Forget about tomorrow,
Then you can start to live.

So bless this age you are living in,
With the gifts you can bestow,
Don't disregard the stream of life,
Go gently with the flow.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comfor of your love by Sunday B.Fakus

Comfort Of Your Love
by Sunday B. Fakus

You buried my shame in the depth of the sea
And cast my fears to the bed of the ocean.
You carried my hopes to the end of the earth
And enriched my pride with the fruits of love.

As far as the east is from the west,
You removed past guilt from my mind.
As far as the heaven is from the earth,
You sever shame from the contents of my thoughts.

As you build up my faith, mountain high,
You deeply warm my heart with a wondrous smile.
And now, being crowned in the comfort of your love,
You make me rollick in the safety of your arms.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nature's Ways/Author Unknown

Nature's Ways

Slowly, gently, multicolored blooms appear
Peppering the air with a sweet fragrance,
Ripening buds, on each a dewdrop, a tear
In which the sun's rays perform a dance.
Nature's way of showing that she can
Govern herself without the help of man.

Sunny days now bring about the heat
Unveiling her powerful force of re-birth,
Moving, with a pulsating yet gentle beat,
Man and beast and all else on Earth
Ever forward and yet following the call
Recorded at the beginning of it all.

And then her vital force begins to weaken
Unable to sustain the original pace,
Trembling as if by some disease stricken
Unsure of its will to complete the race.
Maimed, weak, and ravaged by time
Nature still retains her dignity sublime.

When the struggle ends and all seems lost,
Into the dark realm of death Nature slips;
No cry is heard, no counting of the cost,
Total silence is all that escapes her lips.
Earth, too, doesn't mourn nor does it weep
Realizing Nature isn't dead, but just asleep.

Slowly, gently, multicolored blooms appear
Peppering the air with a sweet fragrance, ...

Sing--sing--Music Was Given by Thomas Moore

Sing -- Sing -- Music Was Given
by Thomas Moore

Sing -- sing -- Music was given
To brighten the gay, and kindle the loving;
Souls here, like planets in heaven,
By harmony's laws alone are kept moving.

Beauty may boast of her eyes and her cheeks,
But Love from the lips his true archery wings;
And she, who but feathers the dart when she speaks,
At once sends it home to the heart when she sings.
Then sing -- sing -- Music was given,
To brighten the gay, and kindle the loving;
Souls here, like planets in heaven,
By harmony's laws alone are kept moving.

When Love, rock'd by his mother,
Lay sleeping as calm as slumber could make him,
"Hush, hush," said Venus, "no other
Sweet voice but his own is worthy to wake him."
Dreaming of music he slumber'd the while,
Till faint from his lip a soft melody broke,
And Venus, enchanted, look'd on with a smile,
While Love to his own sweet singing awoke.

Then sing -- sing -- Music was given,
To brighten the gay, and kindle the loving;
Souls here, like planets in heaven,
By harmony's laws alone are kept moving.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspirational quotes:family ,inner strength

Sometimes our hearts get tangled
And our souls a little off-kilter
Friends and family can set us right
And help guide us back to the light.
Sera Christann

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence
but it comes from within. It is there all the time.
Anna Freud

Love letter-Letter writing by Robert Browning To Elizabeth Barrett Browning

...would I, if I could, supplant one of any of the affections
that I know to have taken root in you - that great and solemn
one, for instance.I feel that if I could get myself remade,
as if turned to gold, I WOULDnot even then desire to become
more than the mere setting to that diamond you must always wear.

The regard and esteem you now give me,
in this letter, and which I press to my heart and bow my head
upon, is all I can take and alltoo embarrassing, using all my
Letter writing by Robert Browning To Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The river by Sara Teasdale

The river
Sara Teasdale

I CAME from the sunny valleys
And sought for the open sea,
For I thought in its gray expanses
My peace would come to me.

I came at last to the ocean
And found it wild and black,
And I cried to the windless valleys,
"Be kind and take me back!"

But the thirsty tide ran inland,
And the salt waves drank of me,
And I who was fresh as the rainfall
Am bitter as the sea.

Wild flowers by Mary Dow Brine

Wild Flowers (The Wayside Sermon)
by: Mary Dow Brine

And the flowers preached their sermon
By the wayside--sweet and fair,
Breathing out their subtle fragrance
On the Sabbath morning air.

All above the skies were tender,
Robed in shade of softest blue;
All below the fields were radiant,
Clothed in summer's fairest hue.

And a sacred peace seemed brooding
Over nature's gentle face;
Gone, the scars of week-day labor,
Gone, and left no sign nor trace.

Sabbath stillness reigned above us,
On the calm and restful day,
As the flowers preached their sermon
All along the wild-wood way.

Silent eloquence, yet speaking
With a truth that entered in
Human hearts long careless, striving
All too lightly against sin:

Opening eyes perchance long blinded
To the gifts of Heaven's love,
Till our thoughts at last were lifted
In the homage due above.

And we echoed then the praises
Breathed upon the summer air,
Giving glory to our Maker,
With the wayside flowers fair.

Wild flowers by Mary Dow Brine

Wild Flowers (The Wayside Sermon)
by: Mary Dow Brine

And the flowers preached their sermon
By the wayside--sweet and fair,
Breathing out their subtle fragrance
On the Sabbath morning air.

All above the skies were tender,
Robed in shade of softest blue;
All below the fields were radiant,
Clothed in summer's fairest hue.

And a sacred peace seemed brooding
Over nature's gentle face;
Gone, the scars of week-day labor,
Gone, and left no sign nor trace.

Sabbath stillness reigned above us,
On the calm and restful day,
As the flowers preached their sermon
All along the wild-wood way.

Silent eloquence, yet speaking
With a truth that entered in
Human hearts long careless, striving
All too lightly against sin:

Opening eyes perchance long blinded
To the gifts of Heaven's love,
Till our thoughts at last were lifted
In the homage due above.

And we echoed then the praises
Breathed upon the summer air,
Giving glory to our Maker,
With the wayside flowers fair.

Friday, June 17, 2011

To Touch The Marry Garren

To Touch The Heart.
Marry Garren

To touch the heart of someone dear -
though it might sometimes cause a tear
to fall or rest upon the cheek -
Should be something all should seek.

For often hearts - not touched at all -
start hardening and shrinking small.
And then the time - it takes to grow
A loving heart - is very slow.

For hearts expand as those who care -
extend their love and - let us share
a Moment, space or special phrase
that eases pain on dreary days.
Or simply starts our lips to smile
and brightens time for just a while.

The ways and kinds and means of sharing -
it seems to me - Are based on caring.

And though we're often worlds apart.
You still can touch my very heart.
You make me smile or shed a tear.
And I'll remember year to year
Just how your 'touching' helped me grow.
And I just thought I'd tell you so.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maifest Von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wie herrlich leuchtet
Mir die Natur !
Wie glänzt die Sonne !
Wie lacht die Flur !
Es dringen Blüten
Aus jedem Zweig
Und tausend Stimmen
Aus dem Gesträuch
Und Freud und Wonne
Aus jeder Brust.

O Erd’, o Sonne !
O Glück, o Lust,
O Lieb’, o Liebe,
So golden schön
Wie Morgenwolken
Auf jenen Höhn,
Du segnest herrlich
Das frische Feld -
Im Blütendampfe
Die volle Welt !

O Mädchen, Mädchen,
Wie lieb’ ich dich !
Wie blinkt dein Auge,
Wie liebst du mich !
So liebt die Lerche
Gesang und Luft,
Und Morgenblumen
Den Himmelsduft,
Wie ich dich liebe
Mit warmem Blut,
Die du mir Jugend
Und Freud’ und Mut
Zu neuen Liedern
Und Tänzen gibst.
Sei ewig glücklich,
Wie du mich liebst !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hojas que cambian by James A. Kisner

Hojas que cambian - poema de motivación
James A. Kisner

Las hojas que cambiaban del otoño colorearon brillantemente rojo y el oro,
También traer una advertencia del frío del invierno que viene.
Como el viento está cambiando de la brisa más suave del verano,
Puedes sentirse que la diferencia como ella repite a través de los árboles.

Como me mezclo abajo de la trayectoria que conduce a través del parque,
Pues los días crecen más cortos ahora y pronto será oscuro.
Realizo que la vida es como las estaciones que vivimos a través,
La vida es como las estaciones que cambian que cambian siempre también.

Tomando el sol en el calor de la vida en el sol del verano,
Nunca dar pensamiento a cuando se hacen estos días del verano.
Pero antes de que realicemos el viento frío comienza a soplar,
Y nuestras vueltas del sol del verano que toman el sol más frías con la nieve.

Solamente entonces realizamos que la vida ha cambiado tan rápidamente,
Solamente entonces realizamos que nada dura siempre.
La vida pasa con las estaciones mientras que los años acumulan,
Muchas veces deseamos el verano en que es demasiado atrasada.

La vida se significa para vivir y gozar de cada nuevo día,
La vida se significa para amar ésos que resuelves a lo largo de la manera.
Nunca pasar tus años del verano apenas que toman el sol en el sol,
A menos que cada minuto que pasas esté con especial.

Poblar la necesidad de gozar del viaje con vida,
Un socio muy especial o un marido o una esposa.
Solamente puedes gozar de la belleza que está por todas partes,
Pero hay un significado especial cuando con alguien puedes compartir.

La vida es como un árbol que cambia con las hojas brillantemente coloreadas,
Tu familia y tus amigos y tú pueden ser comparados a éstos.
En otoño cuando las hojas comienzan a cambiar colores, bajarán,
Uno por uno hasta los ramas los han lanzado todos.

Si I sea como una hoja que cambia entre uno de los árboles de la vida,
Y todos mis amigos y familia estaban también por ejemplo éstos.
Y el otoño no era justo para mí según lo contado de mi nacimiento,
Pero la estación del otoño hablada aquí estaba para la tierra entera.

¿Entonces estamos en la estación del otoño prevista a partir del pasado?
¿Podía el caer coloreado de las hojas ahora ser el último?
¿Son las muestras y las maravillas sobre nosotros realmente verdades ahora?
¿O habrá otro resorte en que todas las cosas serán nuevas?

I pues una sola hoja tendrá algún día mi tiempo para irse,
Como los que fueron antes de que yo que me dejaba para afligirse alguna vez.
Pero algún día en ese otoño final en la llamada final,
Si se aferra I sin embargo allí cuando caerán todas las hojas.

Deseo solamente realizar eso en esta estación del otoño,
Tenía un propósito en esto y mi vida tenía una razón.
Para vivir y amar y gozar de la vida para todos que vale,
Pero solamente si las vidas que he tocado tenía el significado y un propósito.

Nadie sabe de quién vida él toca o quién abrazará,
Apenas por las acciones que hace o siendo cara a cara.
Pero tu vida será notada como los árboles brillantemente coloreados,
Como belleza brillante o una pila de secado encima de las hojas.

¿Mi Corazón Ha ido A dormir? by Antonio Machado

¿Mi Corazón Ha ido A dormir?
Antonio Machado

¿Mi corazón ha ido a dormir? ¿Las colmenas de mi trabajo parado los
sueños, el waterwheel de la mente han funcionado seco, cucharadas que
daban vuelta vacías, solamente sombra adentro?

No, mi corazón no está dormido. Es despierto, de par en par
despierto. No dormidos, no soñar-sus ojos se abren que miran de par
en par las señales distantes, escuchando en el borde del silencio

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspirational quotes:virtue,optimism

As you do not sweeten your mouth by saying honey,
so you do not grow virtuous by merely talking of virtue.

Optimism works in conjunction with your life energy,
strengthening your roots and keeping you grounded,
stimulating the growth of new shoots and the development
of new branches that form your life,
energizing the creation that is you.

Maya by Rabindranath Tagore

by Rabindranath Tagore

That I should make much of myself and turn it on all sides,
thus casting colored shadows on thy radiance
---such is thy Maya.

Thou settest a barrier in thine own being
and then callest thy severed self in myriad notes.
This thy self-separation has taken body in me.

The poignant song is echoed through all the sky in many-coloued tears
and smiles, alarms and hopes; waves rise up and sink again,
dreams break and form.
In me is thy own defeat of self.

This screen that thou hast raised is painted with innumerable
figures with the brush of the night and the day.
Behind it thy seat is woven in wondrous mysteries of curves,
casting away all barren lines of straightness.

The great pageant of thee and me has overspread the sky.
With the tune of thee and me all the air is vibrant,
and all ages pass with the hiding and seeking of thee and me.

A Midnight Meditation by Goerge William Russell

A Midnight Meditation
by George William Russell

HOW often have I said,
"We may not grieve for the immortal dead."
And now, poor blenched heart,
Thy ruddy hues all tremulous depart.
Why be with fate at strife
Because one passes on from death to life,
Who may no more delay
Rapt from our strange and pitiful dream away
By one with ancient claim
Who robes her with the spirit like a flame.

Not lost this high belief-
Oh, passionate heart, what is thy cause for grief?
Is this thy sorrow now,
She in eternal beauty may not bow
Thy troubles to efface
As in old time a head with gentle grace
All tenderly laid by thine
Taught thee the nearness of the love divine.

Her joys no more for thee
Than the impartial laughter of the sea,
Her beauty no more fair
For thee alone, but starry, everywhere.
Her pity dropped for you
No more than heaven above with healing dew
Favours one home of men-
Ah! grieve not; she becomes herself again,
And passed beyond thy sight
She roams along the thought-swept fields of light,
Moving in dreams until
She finds again the root of ancient will,
The old heroic love
That emptied once the heavenly courts above.

The angels heard from earth
A mournful cry which shattered all their mirth,
Raised by a senseless rout
Warring in chaos with discordant shout,
And that the pain might cease
They grew rebellious in the Master's peace;
And falling downward then
The angelic lights were crucified in men;
Leaving so radiant spheres
For earth's dim twilight ever wet with tears
That through those shadows dim
Might breathe the lovely music brought from Him.

And now my grief I see
Was but that ancient shadow part of me,
Not yet attuned to good,
Still blind and senseless in its warring mood,
I turn from it and climb
To the heroic spirit of the prime,
The light that well foreknew
All the dark ways that it must journey through.

Yet seeing still a gain,
A distant glory o'er the hills of pain,
Through all that chaos wild
A breath as gentle as a little child,
Through earth transformed, divine,
The Christ-soul of the universe to shine.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inpirational quote about happiness

The happiness which brings enduring worth to life is not
the superficial happiness that is dependent on circumstances.
It is the happiness and contentment that fills the soul even
in the midst of the most distressing circumstances and the
most bitter environment. It is the kind of happiness that
grins when things go wrong and smiles through the tears.
The happiness for which our souls ache is one undisturbed
by success or failure,one which will root deeply inside us
and give inward relaxation,peace, and contentment, no matter
what the surface problems may be.That kind of happiness stands
in need of no outward stimulus.
Billy Graham

Love and harmony by William blake

William Blake

Love and harmony combine
And around our souls entwine
While thy branches mix with mine,
And our roots together join.

Joys upon our branches sit,
Chirping loud, and singing sweet;
Like gentle streams beneath our feet,
Innocence and virtue meet.

Thou the golden fruit dost bear,
I am clad in flowers fair;
Thy sweet boughs perfume the air,
And the turtle buildeth there.

There she sits and feeds her young,
Sweet I hear her mournful song;
And thy lovely leaves among
There is love: I hear his tongue.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspirational quote:serenity,youth

There is in stillness oft a magic power
To calm the breast when struggling passions lower,
Touched by its influence, in the soul arise
Diviner feelings, kindred with the skies.
John Henry Newman

Only do not forget, if I wake up crying
it's only because in my dream I'm a lost child
hunting through the leaves of the night for your hands.

Inspirational quote:sorrow,youth

That thorny path, those stormy skies,
Have drawn our spirits nearer;
And rendered us, by sorrow's ties,
Each to the other dearer.

Oh happy youth! life's oasis of beauty!
What time in after years so pure and sweet?
Free from the lab'ring progress of great manhood,
It treads life's pathway with elastic feet!

Monday, June 6, 2011

An die Natur Von Friedrich Hölderlin

Friedrich Hölderlin
An die Natur

Fritz Zuber Buhler painting

Da ich noch um deinen Schleier spielte,
Noch an dir, wie eine Blüte hing,
Noch dein Herz in jedem Laute fühlte,
Der mein zährtlichbebend Herz umfing,
Da ich noch mit Glauben und mit Sehnen
Reich, wie du, vor deinem Bilde stand,
Eine Stelle noch für meine Tränen,
Eine Welt für meine Liebe fand,
Da zur Sonne noch mein Herz sich wandte,
Als vernähme seine Töne sie,
Und die Sterne seine Brüder nannte
Und den Frühling Gottes Melodie,
Da im Hauche, der den Hain bewegte,
Noch dein Geist, dein Geist der Freude
sich In des Herzens stiller Welle regte
Da umfingen goldne Tage mich.

Wenn im Tale, wo die Quell mich kühlte,
Wo der jugendlichen Sträuche Grün
Um die stillen Felsenwände spielte
Und der Aether durch die Zweige schien,
Wenn ich da, von Blüten übergossen,
Still und trunken ihren Othem trank
Und zu mir, von Licht und Glanz umflossen,
Aus den Höhn die goldne Wolke sank

Wenn ich fern auf nackter Heide wallte,
Wo aus dämmernder Geklüfte Schoß
Der Titanensang der Ströme schallte
Und die Nacht der Wolken mich umschloß,
Wenn der Sturm mit seinen Wetterwogen
Mir vorüber durch die Berge fuhr
Und des Himmels Flammen mich umflogen,
Da erschienst du, Seele der Natur!

Oft verlor ich da mit trunknen Tränen
Liebend, wie nach langer Irre sich
In den Ozean die Ströme sehnen,
Schöne Welt! in deiner Fülle mich;
Ach! da stürzt ich mit den Wesen allen
Freudig aus der Einsamkeit der Zeit,
Wie ein Pilger in des Vaters Hallen,
In die Arme der Unendlichkeit.-

Seid gesegnet, goldne Kinderträume,
Ihr verbargt des Lebens Armut mir,
Ihr erzogt des Herzens gute Keime,
Was ich nie erringe, schenktet ihr!
O Natur! an deiner Schönheit Lichte,
Ohne Müh und Zwang entfalteten
Sich der Liebe königliche Früchte,
Wie die Ernten in Arkadien.

Tot ist nun, die mich erzog und stillte,
Tot ist nun die jugendliche Welt,
Diese Brust, die einst ein Himmel füllte,
Tot und dürftig, wie ein Stoppelfeld;
Ach! es singt der Frühling meinen Sorgen
Noch, wie einst, ein freundlich tröstend Lied,
Aber hin ist meines Lebens Morgen,
Meines Herzens Frühling ist verblüht.

Ewig muß die liebste Liebe darben,
Was wir liebten, ist ein Schatten nur
Da der Jugend goldne Träume starben,
Starb für mich die freundliche Natur;
Das erfuhrst du nicht in frohen Tagen,
Daß so ferne dir die Heimat liegt,
Armes Herz, du wirst sie nie erfragen,
Wenn dir nicht ein Traum von ihr genügt.

Sehnsucht von Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine

Jedweder Geselle, sein Mädel am Arm,
Durchwandelt die Lindenreihn;
Ich aber, ich wandle, daß Gott erbarm,
Ganz mutterseelenallein.
Mein Herz wird beengt, mein Auge wird trüb,
Wenn ein andrer mit Liebchen sich freut.
Denn ich habe auch ein süßes Lieb,
Doch wohnt sie gar ferne und weit.

So manches Jahr ich getragen hab,
Ich trage nicht länger die Pein,
Ich schnüre mein Bündlein, und greife den Stab,
Und wandr in die Welt hinein.

Und wandre fort manch hundert Stund,
Bis ich komm an die große Stadt;
Sie prangt an eines Stromes Mund,
Drei keckliche Türme sie hat.

Da schwindet bald mein Liebesharm,
Da harret Freude mein;
Da kann ich wandeln, feins Liebchen am Arm,
Durch die duftigen Lindenreihn.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

inspirational quote:life,hope

To be without dreams is to be without hope;
to be without hope is to be without purpose.
Don't run through life so fast that you forget
not only where you've been, but also where you're going.
Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored
each step of the way.
Nancye Sims

Inspirational quote:music

Leonid Afremov Art

The principle of the endless melody is the perpetual becoming
of a music that never had any reason for starting, any more
than it has any reason for ending.
Igor Stravinsky

Inspirational quote:happiness

Happiness is a sunbeam which may pass through a thousand
bosomswithout losing a particle of its original ray; nay,
when it strikes on a kindredheart, like the converged light
on a mirror, it reflects itself with redoubled
brightness. It is not perfected till it is shared.
Jane Porter

inspirational quote:smile

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything
in its vicinity freshen into smiles.
Washington Irving

Friday, June 3, 2011

Love quote /Leo Buscaglia

The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass
through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape
parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that
does not lessen our possible impact, for there are
scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come
along; people who will appreciate our compassion,
our unique talents.Someone who will live a happier life
merely because we took the time to share what we had to give.

Too often we underestimate the power
of a touch, a smile, a kind word a listening ear,
an honest compliment, or the smallest act
of caring, all of which have a potential to turn a life around.
It's overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities
there are to make our love felt....
Leo Buscaglia.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Un seul Moment-auteur inconnu

Auteur Inconnu pour moi

Il n’y a qu’un âge dans la vie.
Pour que les gens soient heureux.
Seulement, à un moment dans la vie de chaque personne,
Il y a du temps pour rêver et faire des plans
Et avoir l’énergie de les réaliser…
Un seul âge pour que les gens puissent s’enchanter de la vie
Et vivre passionnément et jouir avec toute intensité
Sans peur ni culpabilité d’éprouver du plaisir.

Seulement une phase dorée pendant laquelle les gens peuvent créer et
Recréer, dans la vie, leur propre image et ressemblance.
Et s’habiller de toutes les couleurs et expérimenter tous les goûts,
Et succomber à tous les amours sans idées préconçues ni honte.
Un seul temps pour l’enthousiasme et le courage
Pendant lequel tous les défis sont une invitation à combattre.

Où les gens sont dans la meilleure disposition
Pour essayer quelque chose de nouveau, encore et encore,
Aussi souvent que nécessaire.
Cet âge est si fugace dans la vie,
Il s’appelle PRESENT
Et il a la durée de l’instant qui passe.

Aimer-auteur inconnu

Auteur Inconnu

Sur toutes faces de ce monde,
Dieu, apprends-moi à aimer,
À dessiner des constellations de beauté
Sur les vagues de ton éternité.

Sur toutes faces de ce monde,
Dieu, donne-moi la licence d’amour
Afin que je puisse encenser le monde
De la plus haute des fraternités.

Sur toutes faces de ce monde,
Dieu, apprends-moi à lire dans mes versets de prière
Le fronton doré de ton Temple de lumière
Qui éclot dans mon silence intérieur.

Que suis-je pour parler d’amour...
Sinon une partie de ton corps divin ?
Un homme parfois mutilé
Qui oscille entre lumière et ténèbres...

Que suis-je pour parler d’amour...
Sinon ton propre fils ?
Un homme de peu
Qui souhaite prendre mesure de toute la profondeur du monde...

D’une mesure d’homme
Soumise aux contraintes de la pesanteur,
Je filtre parfois un peu d’élixir de vie
Que je chante au travers de mes poèmes.

D’une expérience tissée de hasard,
Je remplis mes jarres,
Pour peindre et dépeindre
La vie que je tiens dans le creuset de mon coeur.

Et tout cela me hante,
Et tout cela m’enchante
Comme une bruine d’espérance
Sur le faîte de mes errances.

Qui suis-je pour parler d’amour ?
Un homme versé de rires et de larmes...
Qui suis-je pour parler d’amour ?
Sinon une étoile en maturation dans le firmament de ton éternité...

Duerme Tranquilo by Alfonsina Storni

Duerme Tranquilo
Alfonsina Storni

Dijiste la palabra que enamora
A mis oídos. Ya olvidaste. Bueno.
Duerme tranquilo. Debe estar sereno
Y hermoso el rostro tuyo a toda hora.

Cuando encanta la boca seductora
Debe ser fresca, su decir ameno;
Para tu oficia de amador no es bueno
El rostro tuyo del que mucha llora.

Te reclaman los destinos más gloriosos
Que el de llevar, entre los negros pozos
De las ojeras, la mirada en duela.

¡Cumbre de bellas víctimas el suelo!
Más daño al mundo hizo la espada fatua
De algún bárbaro rey Y tiene estatua.

Noche de Lluvia by Juana de Ibarbourou

Noche de Lluvia
Juana de Ibarbourou

Llueve...espera, no te duermas,
Quédate atento a lo que dice el viento
Y a lo que dice el agua que golpea
Con sus dedos menudos en los vidrios.

Todo mi corazón se vuelve oídos
Para esuchar a la hechizada hermana,
Que ha dormido en el cielo,
Que ha visto el sol de cerca,
Y baja ahora, elástica y alegre,
De la mano del viento,
Igual que una viajera
Que torna de un país de maravilla.

¡Como estará de alegre el trigo ondeante!
¡Con qué avidez se esponjará la hierba!
¡Cuántos diamantes colgarán ahora
Del ramaje profundo de los pinos!

Espera, no te duermas. Escuchemos
El ritmo de la lluvia.
Apoya entre mis senos
Tu frente taciturna.
Yo sentiré el latir de tus dos sienes,
Palpitantes y tibias,
Tal cual si fueran dos martillos vivos
Que golpearan mi carne.

Espera, no te duermas. Esta noche
Somos los dos un mundo,
Aislado por el viento y por la lluvia
Entre las cuencas tibias de un alcoba.

Espera, no te duermas. Esta noche
Somos acaso la raíz suprema
De donde debe germinar mañana
El tronco bello de una raza nueva.

Hab Dank du lieber Wind von Hoffmann von Fallersleben

Hab Dank du lieber Wind>
Hoffmann von Fallersleben

Ich bin in den Garten gegangen
und mag nicht mehr hinaus.
Die goldigen Äpfel prangen
mit ihrem roten Wangen
und laden ein zum Schmaus.

Wie ist es anzufangen?
Sie hängen mir zu hoch und zu fern.
Ich sehe sie hangen und prangen
und kann sie nicht erlangen
und hätte doch einen gern!

Da kommt der Wind aus dem Westen
und schüttelt den Baum geschwind
und weht herab von den Ästen
den allerschönsten und besten -
hab Dank, du lieber Wind

Ich bin so jung Von rainer Maria Rilke

Ich bin so jung
Rainer Maria Rilke

Ich bin so jung. Ich möchte jedem Klange,
der mir vorüberrauscht, mich schaudernd schenken,
und willig in des Windes liebem Zwange,
wie Windendes über dem Gartengange,
will meine Sehnsucht ihre Ranken schwenken,

Und jeder Rüstung bar will ich mich brüsten,
solang ich fühle, wie die Brust sich breitet.
Denn es ist Zeit, sich reisig auszurüsten,
wenn aus der frühen Kühle dieser Küsten
der Tag mich in die Binnenlande leitet.
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