Friday, August 25, 2017

Best Jonathan Swift Quotes

There is nothing constant in this world but inconsistency.

It is a miserable thing to live in suspense;
it is the life of the spider.

How is it possible to expect that mankind will take advice
when they will not so much as take warning.

Everyone desires long life, not one old age.

When we are old, our friends find it difficult to please us,
and are less concerned whether we be pleased or not.

The various opinions of philosophers have scattered through the world
as many plagues of the mind as Pandora's box did those of the body;
only with this difference, that they have not left hope at the bottom.

Positiveness is a good quality for preachers and speakers because,
whoever shares his thoughts with the public will convince them
as he himself appears convinced.

In men desire begets love, and in women love begets desire.

Party is the madness of many for the gain of a few.

If a man makes me keep my distance, the comfort is,
he keeps his at the same time.

Reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion,
which by reasoning he never acquired.

You should never be ashamed to admit you have been wrong.
It only proves you are wiser today than yesterday.

The best doctors in the world are
Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.

Live every day as your last,
because one of these days, it will be.

If a man would register all his opinions upon love, politics, religion,
learning etc., beginning from his youth, and so go to old age, what
a bundle of inconsistencies and contradictions would appear at last.

Small causes are sufficient to make a man uneasy, when great ones
are not in the way: for want of a block he will stumble at a straw.

Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps
few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes
there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I choose to love you BY Rumi

I choose to love you in silence.
For in silence I find no rejection,

I choose to love you in loneliness.
For in loneliness no one owns you but me,

I choose to adore you from a distance.
For distance will shield me from pain,

I choose to kiss you in the wind.
For the wind is gentler than my lips,

I choose to hold you in my dreams.
For in my dreams, you have no end.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Human feelings/ Menschengefühl by J.W.Goethe


Ach ihr Götter! große Götter,
In dem weiten Himmel droben!
Gäbet ihr uns auf der Erde
Festen Sinn und guten Mut,
O wir ließen euch, ihr Guten,
Euren weiten Himmel droben!

Human feelings

AH, ye gods! ye great immortals
In the spacious heavens above us!
Would ye on this earth but give us
Steadfast minds and dauntless courage
We, oh kindly ones, would leave you
All your spacious heavens above us

love is the greatest thing between human beings by D.H.Lawrence

Human love, human trust, are always perilous, because they break down.
The greater the love, the greater the trust, and the greater the peril,
the greater the disaster. Because to place absolute trust on another
human being is in itself a disaster, both ways, since each human being
is a ship that must sail its own course, even if it go in company with
another ship.... And yet, love is the greatest thing between human beings.
D. H. Lawrence

Whisper of Rose by Erica Caitlin Lee

Let me show you
Sweet smell of a delicate whisper
Behind the vision of gardens
Go and read of your life
Tiny ripping at the heart
Drunk from a rose.
Erica Caitlin Lee

Monday, August 14, 2017

Solitude by Khalil Gibran

Solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches.
Yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of
the living earth. Man struggles to find life outside himself,
unaware that the life he is seeking is within.
Khalil Gibran

When man walks alone with God by Jack london

When man walks alone with God
Excerpt from"the white silence"
by Jack london

Nature has many tricks wherewith she convinces man of his finity--
the ceaseless flow of the tides, the fury of the storm, the shock
of the earthquake, the long roll of heaven's artillery--but
the most tremendous, the most stupefying of all, is the passive
phase of the White Silence. All movement ceases, the sky clears,
the heavens are as brass; the slightest whisper seems sacrilege,
and man becomes timid, affrighted at the sound of his own voice.

Sole speck of life journeying across the ghostly wastes of
a dead world, he trembles at his audacity, realizes that his
is a maggot's life, nothing more. Strange thoughts arise
unsummoned, and the mystery of all things strives for utterance.

And the fear of death, of God, of the universe comes over him--
the hope of the Resurrection and the Life, the yearning for
immortality, the vain striving of the imprisoned essence--
it is then, if ever, man walks alone with God.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The pleasures of love by Umberto Eco

The pleasures of love are pains that become desirable,
where sweetness and torment blend, and so love is
voluntary insanity, infernal paradise, and celestial hell -
in short, harmony of opposite yearnings, sorrowful
laughter, soft diamond.
Umberto Eco

Why not seize pleasure at once? by Jane Austen

Why not seize pleasure at once?
How often is happiness destroyed
by preparation, foolish preparation!

But pleasures are like poppies spread--
You seize the flow'r, its bloom is shed;
Or like the snow falls in the river--
A moment white -- then melts for ever.

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