Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Respect by Erich Fromm

Respect is not fear and awe;it is the ability to see a person as he is,to be aware of his unique individuality.Respect,thus,implies the absence of exploitation.
I want the loved person to grow and unfold for his own sake, and in his own ways, and not for the purpose of serving me.
Erich Fromm

Monday, July 21, 2014

To love the beauty of the world in a human being by Simon Weil

Love that gives itself to the spectacle of the heavens, the plains, the sea, the mountains or the silence of nature senses this love in a thousand faint sounds, breaths of wind and the warmth of the sun. Every human being feels it vaguely for at least a moment. It is an incomplete love, sorrowful, because it gives itself to something incapable of response, which is matter. People desire to transfer this love onto a being that is like it, capable of responding to love, of saying ‘yes,’ of yielding to it.

The feeling of beauty sometimes linked to the appearance of a human being makes this transfer possible at least in an illusory way. But it is the beauty of the world — the universal beauty — toward which our desire leads. This kind of transfer is expressed in all literature that encompasses love, from the most ancient and most used metaphors and similes of poetry to the subtle analysis of Proust. The desire to love the beauty of the world in a human being is essentially the desire for the Incarnation. If we think it is something else,we are mistaken.The Incarnation alone can satisfy it.
Simon Weil, Waiting for God

Excerpt from"The Black Monk" by Anton Chekhov

Excerpt from"The Black Monk"
Anton Chekhov

What will happen to the garden when I die? In the condition in which you see it now, it would not be maintained for one month without me. The whole secret of success lies not in its being a big garden or a great number of labourers being employed in it, but in the fact that I love the work.Do you understand? I love it perhaps more than myself. Look at me; I do everything myself.I work from morning to night: I do all the grafting myself, the pruning myself, the planting myself. I do it all myself: when any one helps me I am jealous and irritable till I am rude.

The whole secret lies in loving it-- that is, in the sharp eye of the master; yes, and in the master's hands, and in the feeling that makes one, when one goes anywhere for an hour's visit, sit, ill at ease, with one's heart far away, afraid that something may have happened in the garden. But when I die, who will look after it? Who will work? The gardener? The labourers? Yes? But I will tell you, my dear fellow, the worst enemy in the garden is not a hare, not a cockchafer, and not the frost, but any outside person.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

John O'donohue:Meditations for inspiration and reflection on Spirituality ,Yearning to belong,Beauty,Friendship ,love & Blessing

André Rieu-Un Amour D'été (A Summer Love)

From “A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted”
John O'Donohue

You have traveled too fast over false ground;
Now your soul has come to take you back.
Take refuge in your senses, open up
To all the small miracles you rushed through.
Become inclined to watch the way of rain
When it falls slow and free.
Imitate the habit of twilight,
Taking time to open the well of color
That fostered the brightness of day.
Draw alongside the silence of stone
Until its calmness can claim you.

More often than not it is the inner beauty of heart and mind that illuminates the face. A smile can completely transform the face. Ultimately, it is the soul that makes the face beautiful. Each face is it's own landscape and is quietly vibrant with the invisible textures of memory, story, dream, need, want, and gift that make up the beauty of the individual life. This is also the grace that love brings into one's life. As the soul can render the face luminous so too can love turn up the hidden light within a person's life. Love changes the way we see ourselves and others. We feel beautiful when we are loved.
John o'donohue,Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

In everyone's life there is a great need for an Anam Cara, a soul friend. In this love, you are understood as you are without mask or pretension. The superficial and functional lies and half-truths of acquaintance fall away. You can be as you really are. Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home. Understanding nourishes belonging. When you really feel understood, you feel free to release yourself into the trust and shelter of the other person's soul.

In the desolate and torn terrain of suffering, there is no beauty that reaches deeper than the beauty of the healing voice.The ability to care is the hallmark of the human, the touchstone of morality and the ground of holiness.
John O'Donohue,From The Anam Cara"The soul Friend".

Within us and around us there is an invisible world
John O'Donohue,From Eternal Echoes

Within us and around us there is an invisible world; this is where each of us comes from... When you cross over from the invisible into this physical world, you bring with you a sense of belonging to the invisible that you can never lose or finally cancel...

You know your real life is happening here. Yet your longing for the invisible is never stilled. There is always some magnet that draws your eyes to the horizon or invites you to explore behind things and seek out the concealed depths...

When you enter the world, you come to live on the threshold between the visible and the invisible.

This tension infuses your life with longing. Now you belong fully neither to the visible nor to the invisible. This is precisely what kindles and rekindles all your longing and your hunger to belong. You are both artist and pilgrim of the threshold.

Let us begin to learn how to bless one another
John O'Donohue
From "To bless the space between us"

The word blessing evokes a sense of warmth and protection; it suggests that no life is alone or unreachable. Each life is clothed in raiment of spirit that secretly links it to everything else. Though suffering and chaos befall us, they can never quench that inner light of providence...

A blessing is not a sentiment or a question; it is a gracious invocation where the human heart pleads with the divine heart. . . . When a blessing is invoked, it changes the atmosphere. Some of the plenitude flows into our hearts from the invisible neighborhood of loving kindness.

In the light and reverence of blessing, a person or situation becomes illuminated in a completely new way. In a dead wall a new window opens, in dense darkness a path starts to glimmer, and into a broken heart healing falls like morning dew.

There is a quiet light that shines in every heart...It is what illuminates our minds to see beauty, our desire to seek possibility, and our hearts to love life. Without this subtle quickening our days would be empty and wearisome, and no horizon would ever awaken our longing.

Our passion for life is quietly sustained from somewhere in us that is wedded to the energy and excitement of life. This shy inner light is what enables us to recognize and receive our very presence here as blessing.

We enter the world as strangers who all at once become heirs to a harvest of memory, spirit, and dream that has long preceded us and will now enfold, nourish, and sustain us. The gift of the world is our first blessing.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoughtful Paths by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

We do not belong to those who only get their thought from books, or at the prompting of books, -- it is our custom to think in the open air, walking, leaping, climbing, or dancing on lonesome mountains by preference, or close to the sea, where even the paths become thoughtful.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Three things A child can teach by Paulo Coelho

A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be curious, to fight tirelessly for something.
Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Aimer de Victor Hugo(extrait de:Mille chemins,un seul but)

Aimer de Victor Hugo
Extrait du poème XXVI: "Mille chemins,un seul but"

Aimer, c'est avoir dans les mains
Un fil pour toutes les épreuves,
Un flambeau pour tous les chemins,
Une coupe pour tous les fleuves !

Aimer, c'est comprendre les cieux.
C'est mettre, qu'on dorme ou qu'on veille,
Une lumière dans ses yeux,
Une musique en son oreille !

C'est se chauffer à ce qui bout !
C'est pencher son âme embaumée
Sur le côté divin de tout !
Ainsi, ma douce bien-aimée,

Tu mêles ton cœur et tes sens,
Dans la retraite où tu m'accueilles,
Aux dialogues ravissants
Des flots, des astres et des feuilles !

La vitre laisse voir le jour ;
Malgré nos brumes et nos doutes,
Ô mon ange ! à travers l'amour
Les vérités paraissent toutes !

L'homme et la femme, couple heureux,
À qui le cœur tient lieu d'apôtre,
Laissent voir le ciel derrière eux,
Et sont transparents l'un pour l'autre.

Ils ont en eux, comme un lac noir
Reflète un astre en son eau pure,
Du Dieu caché qu'on ne peut voir
Une lumineuse figure !

Aimons ! prions ! les bois sont verts,
L'été resplendit sur la mousse,
Les germes vivent entr'ouverts,
L'onde s'épanche et l'herbe pousse !

Que la foule, bien loin de nous
Suive ses routes insensées.
Aimons, et tombons à genoux,
Et laissons aller nos pensées !

L'amour, qu'il vienne tôt ou tard,
Prouve Dieu dans notre âme sombre.
Il faut bien un corps quelque part
Pour que le miroir ait une ombre.

Die Bedeutung der Blumen von Paulo Coelho

Menschen schenken einander Blumen, weil Blumen den wahren Sinn der Liebe in sich tragen. Wer versucht, eine Blume zu besitzen, wird ihre Schönheit verwelken sehen. Aber wer nur eine Blume auf einem Feld anschaut, wird sie immer behalten. Denn sie passt zum Abend, zum Sonnenuntergang, zum Geruch nach feuchter Erde und zu den Wolken am Horizont.
Paulo Coelho,Brida

Monday, July 7, 2014

The path To Enlightenement Quotes

There are many paths to enlightenment.
Be sure to take one with a heart.
Lao Tzu

Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us,
and then we'll need no other light.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Into my heart's night
Along a narrow way
I groped; and lo! the light,
An infinite land of day.

One does not become enlightened by imagining fingers of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
Carl Jung

It isn't by getting out of the world that we become enlightened, but by getting into the world…by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves of our existence and never get tossed because we become the waves.
Ken Kesey

One thing: you have to walk,and create the way by your walking;you will not find a ready-made path.It is not so cheap,to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself;the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you.It is just like the sky:the birds fly,but they don't leave any footprints.You cannot follow them;there are no footprints left behind.

Man is an intellectual animal by William Hazlitt

Man is an intellectual animal,and therefore an everlasting contradiction to himself. His senses centre in himself,his ideas reach to the ends of the universe;so that he is torn in pieces between the two,without a possibility of its ever being otherwise.
William Hazlitt

Friday, July 4, 2014

Immortality and Hope by Robert Ingersoll.

Omar Akram-A Day With You

Immortality and Hope
Robert Ingersoll

The idea of immortality,that like a sea has ebbed and flowed in the human heart, with its countless waves of hope and fear, beating against the shores and rocks of time and fate, was not born of any book, nor of any creed. The hope of another life was in the heart,long before the “sacred books” were written.

It was born of human affection, and it will continue to ebb and flow beneath the mists and clouds of doubt and darkness as long as love kisses the lips of death. It is the rainbow – Hope shining upon the tears of grief.

The wanderers hope for home.Hope builds the house and plants the flowers and fills the air with song.

The sick and suffering hope for health.Hope gives them health and paints the roses in their cheeks.

The lonely, the forsaken, hope for love.Hope brings the lover to their arms. They feel the kisses on their eager lips.

The poor in tenements and huts,in spite of rags and hunger,
hope for wealth.Hope fills their thin and trembling
hands with gold.

The dying hopes that death is but another birth,and Love leans above the pallid face and whispers,“We shall meet again.”

Let us hope, if there be a god, that he is wise and good.

Let us hope that if there be another life it will bring
peace and joy to all the children of men.

And let us hope that this poor earth on which we live may be a perfect world – a world without a crime – without a tear.

Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Intuition & intellect by Ingmar Bergman

I throw a spear into the darkness. That is intuition. Then I must send an army into the darkness to find the spear. That is intellect.
Ingmar Bergman

When We construct our lives for one person by MARCEL PROUST

We construct our lives for one person, and when at length it is ready to receive her that person does not come; presently she is dead to us, and we live on, prisoners within the walls which were intended only for her.
MARCEL PROUST,Within a Budding Grove

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