Saturday, April 29, 2017

Love in Thoughts/ Inspirational Love Quotes by Sanober Khan

Omar Akram - Love Of My Heart

Love IN Thoughts
Inspirational Love Quotes
Sanober Khan

When I write of you, my dear
I am holding you
in the most

So I will greet you
in a way
all loved things
are meant to be greeted

with a tear in my heart
and a poem in my eye.

To fall in love with someone's thoughts -
the most intimate, splendid romance.
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

I have known you
since the beginning
of time

the one
I have loved always
in spirit.

Only just discovered
in person.

In world full of
temporary things

You are
a perpetual

My love
for you
will always be
like a mountain stream.


There is
and beautiful
how I will
see you

meet you
and again

in poetry.
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Whatever you do
be gentle with yourself.
you don’t just live
in this world
or your home
or your skin.
you also live
in someone’s eyes.

There are some poems
that we leave behind
some that leave us behind

while some just live
in the heart

crumble, sometimes

and are reborn
when you smile again.
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

May your love for me be
the scent of the evening sea

drifting in
through a quiet window

so I do not have to run
or chase or fall
to feel you

all I have to do

Sometimes the rain
just for you and me

to be the violin
in the background
of our loneliness's song.

Sometimes I don't know, which moment
which cool gust of wind will come,
and enchant me
tousling my hair
and my heart,

stirring...that familiar ache of poetry,

which drop will kiss
the old wrench in my soul
reminding me, all over again

I miss you better in the rain.


Love me like a plum tree
in full bloom
bursting against a cloudless
crystal-blue sky

love me like tender mist
descending over
an endless
rugged mountain road

love me…with all the abandon
of a sudden wild rain
with all the mysteriousness
of deep midnight
forest echoes

love me like tears
glistening on cheeks

love me
in all my seasons
in all my phases

with all the wholeness
of light in the heart

with all the rights
and all the wrongs

but love me, especially
when life
tears me apart
and I am living in half

love me
with all the fullness
of a moon
a flower…
a breath…
a kiss.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

If I laugh at you, O fellow-men! by George Eliot

If I laugh at you, O fellow-men!
if I trace with curious interest your labyrinthine self-delusions,
note the inconsistencies in your zealous adhesions, and smile at
your helpless endeavours in a rashly chosen part, it is not that
I feel myself aloof from you:

the more intimately I seem to discern your weaknesses,
the stronger to me is the proof that I share them.
How otherwise could I get the discernment?--
for even what we are averse to, what we vow not
to entertain, must have shaped or shadowed itself
within us as a possibility before we can think of exorcising it.
No man can know his brother simply as a spectator.
Dear blunderers, I am one of you.
George Eliot,"Impressions of Theophrastus"

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberty’s too precious to be buried in books

Liberty’s too precious a thing to be buried in books.
Men should hold it up in front of them every single day
of their lives and say: I'm free to think and to speak.
My ancestors couldn't, I can, and my children will.
Boys ought to grow up remembering that.
From "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Discovery by lbert Szent-Gyorgyi

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen,
and thinking what nobody else has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Friendship by George Eliot

Blessed is the influence of one true,
loving human soul on another.

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling
safe with a person,having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words.
George Eliot

Monday, April 24, 2017

Peace by John Foster Dulles

The world will never
have lasting peace
so long as we reserve
for war the finest
human qualities.
Peace, no less than war,
requires idealism
and self-sacrifice and
a righteous and dynamic faith.
John Foster Dulles

The fragments of an intellect are always good by George Sand

Man is not a wall, whose stones are crushed upon the road;
or a pipe, whose fragments are thrown away at a street corner.
The fragments of an intellect are always good.
George Sand

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Inspirational Earth day Quote:Heaven Through Earth by Michelangelo

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven
unless it be through Earth's loveliness.

I am in love with This World byJohn Burrough/Earth Day Quote

The longer I live the more my mind dwells upon
the beauty and wonder of the world.
I have loved the feel of the grass under my feet,
and the sound of the running streams by my side.
The hum of the wind in the treetops has always
been good music to me, and the face of the fields
has often comforted me more than the faces of men.

I am in love with this world. . . I have tilled
its soil, I have gathered its harvest, I have waited
upon its seasons, and always have I reaped what I have sown.
I have climbed its mountains, roamed its forests, sailed its waters,
crossed its deserts, felt the sting if its frosts, the oppression of its
heats, the drench of its rains, the fury of its winds, and always have
beauty and joy waited upon my goings and comings.
John Burrough

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Song of the Soul(Excerpt) by Edwin Leibfreed

Schindler's List Theme Song-John Williams

The Song of the Soul(Excerpt)
Edwin Leibfreed

Oh to be naked!
My body? Yes, if need be.
My Soul, more than all else.
To be as I am. As small or as large as my Soul.
To speak truth, and scorn man's wrath.
To laugh at convention.
To rejoice at freedom.

To be hated, as well as loved, for Truth's sake.
To care no more for reputation
Than reputation cares for me.
For he who worries about reputation,
Has a reputation to worry about.

To dip into mysteries,
Artlessly, candidly.
To regard life as the Soul's sacred trust.
To know that every longing of the Soul is holy.
That life, with the Soul predominant,
Is a noble mosaic, a bewitching arabesque.

To answer my mother's call to my Soul
My sweet mother, Earth, who loves me!
To satisfy any desire I feel,
So long as I bring happiness to some other.
Not wanton waste of life, but holy use.

To live as would a child, in its cradle, unashamed.
For they who feel shame have not grown wise;
They have lost the purity of innocence!
To do whatsoever my Soul suggests,
And do it openly.
To know that Thought is greater than words.
That words are but the shining garments of Thought.

To know that Thought creates.
That it is greater than the thing it creates;
That it creates Love;
That it is higher than Love;
That it is holier than Love;
That Love is Thought's first-born.
Oh for the courage of Truth!
For the courage of honesty!
What beauteous nakedness in these!

Only man can blush.
No other creature knows of shame.
Why have we wandered so far away
From simple honesty?
Who taught us so much that is shameful?
Or, is it only our vain imaginings?

Now let me speak my mind to you.
One assertion of yourself, and you are born.
One fearless sentence, and you are strong.
One battle with your darling vice,
And you become a champion.
A knowledge of one fragment of Truth,
And you have entered heaven's kingdom.

One glance of purity at a human form,
And you are saved.
One cry to God, and the answer of the universe.
One feast of true love, and hunger no more.
He who strives for happiness is a fool.
The wise man makes happiness for another.

Let the drawn curtains of the House of the Soul
Be parted. Others need the sight.
How sensitive is the Soul! The tenderest dove
Is an adventurer compared with it.
The Soul can hear the violets grow!
It can hear the throbbing heart of God!
Who would scotch my Soul?
Who would make me afraid of myself?

Is a man ashamed when he bathes?
Of what should he be ashamed?
Not of what he bathes,
But of what he does not bathe.
Tears are the Soul's baptism of cleansing.
Describe a smile, and you deserve immortality;
The pleasure of a kiss,
And you deserve them all;
The value of a tear,
And you have knowledge like unto God's!

Love is the sweetest, yet the saddest thing.
The portal of the heart is emotion.
Motion and emotion are kin.
I sob over colors as some men over music.
Music is the highest expression of any art.
All art resolves itself at last into music.
All life seeks harmony.

Love is the Soul's exquisite vibrations,
Slow or rapid, sad or gay.
Love is the Soul at song.
All sense must have feeling, focus, form.
The highest form is harmony.
The fine art of Life is to make
Another Soul vibrate with a song of joy.

Oh to sing my song that is bursting my heart!
To sing it, and let others sing it, too,
Until such time as their own songs
Shall break the chrysalis that binds them,
And, on the lightest-feathered wings,
Go unto God who sings a deathless song.
Who would not journey thus?
And with my song liberated,
Go sauntering on to willing ears,
Enter in, and be at home,
Because of kindred life.
A vesper bell shall toll for the Soul.

Oh, take me, you who love sincerity and truth!
Take me, and embrace me. Kiss me!
I am but a traveler from the sky.
Home! Home! I journey to the only home I know.
The only heaven that I care to know.
There all is love. There all receive all.
Suspicion cannot flourish there,
Nor hate breathe one single gasp of life.

Come, naked Soul, be never dressed again.
Go in unto God, more naked still,
And fear no evil, for He knoweth none.
Into His presence come, and talk of Life--
Your life of broken song.
What notes of joy He will supply!
He will not rob me of my Soul.
My Song, my Hope, nor destroy aught.
He will share His matchless Home with me.

And why not?
Did he not grant me here a Palace
In which to dwell, and shall I doubt
The value of a Soul to Him
Who found it worthy of a first solicitude,
And then a constant care?
Would He deny me now, when face to face?

Alone with God! How shall I further speak?
I seem to feel the hush of Time,
The end of mortal things.
A thrill, unknown before, possesses me.
How near to God I seem!
Some larger purpose holds my view.
I thought to stay here,
Resigned, contented, all alive.
Oh bliss of fuller life!
Oh the sublime gestures of the Soul!
My nakedness to me is very sweet!

Return me if thou wilt, O God,
To earth, or commend me to
Some other sphere if destiny speak so.
I feel the thrill of an eternal plan.
Lo, nothing is lost, not even Time that ceased!
It was the marker, Truth required for this day.
How sweet to be with Truth!
And, yet, still sweeter is it to be Truth, itself!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The love Note in spring by George Eliot

It was in the prime
Of the sweet spring-time,
In the linnet’s throat
Trembled the love-note,
And the love-stirred air
Thrilled the blossoms there.
Little shadows danced,
Each a tiny elf,
Happy in large light
And the thinnest self.
George Eliot

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Something Childish, But Very Natural by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Something Childish, But Very Natural
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

If I had but two little wings
And were a little feathery bird,
To you I'd fly, my dear!
But thoughts like these are idle things,
And I stay here.

But in my sleep to you I fly:
I'm always with you in my sleep!
The world is all one's own.
But then one wakes, and where am I?
All, all alone.

Sleep stays not, though a monarch bids:
So I love to wake ere break of day:
For though my sleep be gone,
Yet while 'tis dark, one shuts one's lids,
And still dreams on.

Give up to grace by Rumi

Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave
til it gets to shore.
You need more help than you know.

Friday, April 14, 2017

An Easter Hymn By Thomas Blackburn

I think of the garden after the rain;
And hope to my heart comes singing,
At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,
And the Easter bells be ringing.
Edna Dean Procter,"Easter Bells"

Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
Christ is risen.
Thomas Blackburn,"An Easter Hymn"

May Every Soul That Touches Mine by George Eliot

May every soul that touches mine—
be it the slightest contact –
Get therefore some good;

Some little grace, one kindly thought;
One aspiration yet unfelt;
One bit of courage
For the darkening sky;

One gleam of faith
To brave the thickening ills of life;

One glimpse of brighter skies
Beyond the gathering mist –
To make their life worthwhile.
George Eliot

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A beautiful Mind by Joseph Joubert

Few minds are spacious; few even have an empty place in them
or can offer some vacant point. Almost all have narrow capacities
and are filled by some knowledge that blocks them up.

What a torture to talk to filled heads, that allow nothing from
the outside to enter them! A good mind, in order to enjoy itself
and allow itself to enjoy others, always keeps itself larger
than its own thoughts.

And in order to do this, this thoughts must be given a pliant form,
must be easily folded and unfolded, so they are capable, finally,
or maintaining a natural flexibility.

All those short-sighted minds see clearly within their little ideas
and see nothing in those of others; they are like those bad eyes
that see from close range what is obscure and cannot perceive what
is clear from afar. Night minds, minds of darkness.
Joseph Joubert

Friday, April 7, 2017

Out of my deeper heart by Khalil Gibran


Out of my deeper heart
Khalil Gibran

Out of my deeper heart a bird
rose and flew skywards.
Higher and higher did it rise,
yet larger and larger did it grow.

At first it was but like a swallow, then a lark,
then an eagle,then as vast as a spring cloud,
and then it filled the starry heavens.

Out of my heart a bird flew skywards.
And it waxed larger as it flew.
Yet it left not my heart.

O my faith, my untamed knowledge,
how shall I fly to your height and see with you
man's larger self pencilled upon the sky?

How shall I turn this sea within me into mist,
and move with you in space immeasurable?

How can a prisoner within the temple
behold its golden domes?

How shall the heart of a fruit be
stretched to envelop the fruit also?

O my faith, I am in chains behind
these bars of silver and ebony,
and I cannot fly with you.

Yet out of my heart you rise skyward,
and it is my heart that holds you,
and I shall be content.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Adults too, like children by Goethe

No one is willing to believe that adults too, like children,
wander about this earth in a daze and, like children, do not
know where they come from or where they are going, act as
rarely as they do according to genuine motives, and are as
thoroughly governed as they are by biscuits and cake and the rod.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Shaped by what we love by Goethe

We are shaped and fashioned
by what we love

Wir werden geformt und gestaltet
durch das, was wir lieben.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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