Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The sea of humanity by Alfred de Musset

You’re like a lighthouse shining beside the sea of humanity, motionless:
all you can see is your own reflection in the water. You’re alone, so you
think it’s a vast, magnificent panorama. You haven’t sounded the depths.
You simply believe in the beauty of God’s creation. But I have spent all
this time in the water, diving deep into the howling ocean of life, deeper
than anyone. While you were admiring the surface, I saw the shipwrecks,
the drowned bodies, the monsters of the deep.
Alfred de Musset, Lorenzaccio

Monday, August 29, 2016

ON Error by Robert Ingersoll

An error cannot be believed sincerely enough to make it true.
Robert Ingersoll

ON Pride by Thomas More

But no matter how high in the clouds this arrow of pride may fly,
and no matter how exuberant one may feel while being carried up
so high, let us remember that the lightest of these arrows still
has a heavy iron head. High as it may fly, therefore, it inevitably
has to come down and hit the ground. And sometimes it lands in
a not very clean place.
Thomas More

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Enough of dreams! by Alfred Noyes

Enough of dreams! No longer mock
The burdened hearts of men!
Not on the cloud, but on the rock
Build thou thy faith again;
O range no more the realms of air,
Stoop to the glen-bound streams;
Thy hope was all too like despair:
Enough, enough of dreams.
Alfred Noyes

Self-examination by Isaac Watts

Let not soft slumber close your eyes,
Before you've collected thrice
The train of action through the day!
Where have my feet chose out their way?
What have I learnt, where'er I've been,
From all I've heard, from all I've seen?
What have I more that's worth the knowing?
What have I done that's worth the doing?
What have I sought that I should shun?
What duty have I left undone,
Or into what new follies run?
Isaac Watts

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Selected Quotes and excerpts from Sand & Foam(Part2) by Khalil Gibran

A Single Man (Soundtrack)-George's Waltz
Abel Korzeniowski, Shigeru Umebayashi

Excerpts from SAND & FOAM(Part2)
Khalil Gibran

It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering
without rhythm in the sphere of life.Now I know that I am
the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.

We were fluttering, wandering, longing creatures a thousand
thousand years before the sea and the wind in the forest
gave us words.Now how can we express the ancient of days
in us with only the sounds of our yesterdays?

Poetry is wisdom that enchants the heart.
Wisdom is poetry that sings in the mind.
If we could enchant man's heart and at the same time sing in his mind,
Then in truth he would live in the shadow of God.

Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep,
too grave to laugh, and too self-ful to seek other than itself.

Should you really open your eyes and see,
you would behold your image in all images.
And should you open your ears and listen,
you would hear your own voice in all voices.

Now let us play hide and seek. Should you hide in my heart
it would not be difficult to find you. But should you hide
behind your own shell, then it would be useless for anyone
to seek you. A woman may veil her face with a smile.

Your saying to me, "I do not understand you," is praise beyond my worth,
and an insult you do not deserve. How mean am I when life gives me gold
and I give you silver, and yet I deem myself generous.

On my way to the Holy City I met another pilgrim and I asked him,
"Is this indeed the way to the Holy City?"
And he said, "Follow me, and you will reach the Holy City
in a day and a night."And I followed him. And we walked many
days and many nights,yet we did not reach the Holy City.
And what was to my surprise he became angry with me because
he had misled me.

I have no enemies, O God, but if I am to have an enemy.
Let his strength be equal to mine, That truth alone may be the victor.

Should we all confess our sins to one another we would all laugh
at one another for our lack of originality. Should we all reveal our virtues we would also laugh for the same cause.

We are all climbing toward the summit of our hearts' desire.
Should the other climber steal your sack and your purse and
wax fat on the one and heavy on the other, you should pity him;
The climbing will be harder for his flesh, and the burden will
make his way longer.
help him a step; it will add to your swiftness.

Desire is half of life; idifference is half of death.

Birth and death are the two noblest expressions of bravery.

Death is not nearer to the aged than to the new-born; neither is life.

Life is a procession. The slow of foot finds it too swift and he steps out;
And the swift of foot finds it too slow and he too steps out.

I said to Life, "I would hear Death speak."
And Life raised her voice a little higher and said, "You hear him now."

When you have solved all the mysteries of life you
long for death, for it is but another mystery of life.

They say to me, "A bird in the hand is worth ten in the bush."
But I say, "A bird and a feather in the bush is worth more
than ten birds in the hand."
Your seeking after that feather is life with winged feet; nay, it is life itself.

There are only two elements here, beauty and truth;
beauty in the hearts of lovers, and truth in the arms of the tillers of the soil.

He who listens to truth is not less than he who utters truth.

Many a doctrine is like a window pane.
We see truth through it but it divides us from truth.

If you sing of beauty though alone in the heart
of the desert you will have an audience.

Great beauty captures me, but a beauty
still greater frees me even from itself.

Beauty shines brighter in the heart of him who
longs for it than in the eyes of him who sees it.

Every thought I have imprisoned in expression I must free by my deeds.

I am the flame and I am the dry bush,
and one part of me consumes the other part.

Strange that you should pity the slow-footed and not the slow-minded,
And the blind-eyed rather than the blind-hearted.

Every great man I have known had something small in his make-up;
and it was that small something which prevented inactivity or madness or suicide.

When my cup is empty I resign myself to its emptiness;
but when it is half full I resent its half-fulness.

Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it
so that the other half may reach you.

My loneliness was born when men praised my talkative
faults and blamed my silent virtues.

Solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches;
Yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living earth.

How blind is he who gives you out of his pocket that
he may take out of your heart.

They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold;
And I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.

They spread before us their riches of gold and silver, of ivory and ebony,
and we spread before them our hearts and our spirits.;
And yet they deem themselves the hosts and us the guests.

How noble is the sad heart who would sing a joyous song with joyous hearts.

When either your joy or your sorrow becomes great the world becomes small.

The bitterest thing in our today's sorrow is the memory of our yesterday's joy.

Your other self is always sorry for you.
But your other self grows on sorrow; so all is well.

Only great sorrow or great joy can reveal your truth.
If you would be revealed you must either dance naked
in the sun, or carry your cross.

Should nature heed what we say of contentment no river would seek the sea,
and no winter would turn to Spring. Should she heed all we say of thrift,
how many of us would be breathing this air?

We often borrow from our tomorrows to pay our debts to our yesterdays.

Should you sit upon a cloud you would not see the boundary line between
one country and another, nor the boundary stone between a farm and a farm.
It is a pity you cannot sit upon a cloud.

Only those with secrets in their hearts
could divine the secrets in our hearts.

Strange that we all defend our wrongs with
more vigor than we do our rights.

How heedless you are when you would have men fly with
your wings and you cannot even give them a feather.

I would walk with all those who walk.
I would not stand still to watch the procession passing by.

How can you sing if your mouth be filled with food?
How shall your hand be raised in blessing if it is filled with gold?

You may judge others only according to your knowledge of yourself.
Tell me now, who among us is guilty and who is unguilty?

You cannot judge any man beyond your knowledge of him,
and how small is your knowledge.

IF IT WERE not for our conception of weights and measures we would
stand in awe of the firefly as we do before the sun.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Your heart is too divine by Alfred De Musset

The heart that once has been your shrine
for other loves is too divine.
Alfred de Musset

I don't know where my road is going, but I know
that I walk better when I hold your hand.
Alfred de Musset

But I have loved by Alfred de Musset

... but one loves, and when one is on the brink of death,
one turns around to look backward, and one says to oneself:
"I have often suffered, I have sometimes been wrong, but I have loved.
Alfred de Musset

Saturday, August 20, 2016

If we could be like this tiny bird by Gertrude Tooley Buckingham

A bird is three things: Feathers, flight and song,
And feathers are the least of these.
Marjorie Allen Seiffert

I heard the sweet voice of a robin,
High up in the maple tree,
Joyously, singing his happy song
To his feathered mate, in glee!...
If we could be like this tiny bird,
Just living from day to day,
Holding no bitterness in our hearts
For those we meet on our way...
Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "Heaven on Earth"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rumi & Hafiz in the garden of love /Love :The Dancing Cry Of The Soul by Rumi***How is it that you fly in this gravity. Of darkness?by Hafiz

Music:days go on

The Dancing Cry Of The Soul

Love is the dancing cry of the soul, calling the body to worship
Like a shining whirlpool, or a spinning mayfly
So is love among the skies.

I leap across the mountaintops, madly singing the song of all songs
I float through the ether, intoxicated, thrilled
I think only of your love, your calling to me
And I dance the thousand dances of love, all returning to you.

It is not the play of children, nor the detached unity of wise sages
Unreal! Unnecessary!
Where is the beauty?

When I, like a glowing comet, may flash around your sun
Laughing, singing, with the joy of loving you!

Wine makes drunk the mind and body
But it is love which thrills the soul
When I approach you, I feel the mad pounding of love
The singing wonder
The joy which opens blossoms on the trees of the world.

Come to me, and I shall dance with you
In the temples, on the beaches, through the crowded streets
Be you man or woman, plant or animal, slave or free
I shall show you the brilliant crystal fires, shining within
I shall show you the beauty deep within your soul
I shall show the path beyond Heaven.

Only dance, and your illusions will blow in the wind
Dance, and make joyous the love around you
Dance, and your veils which hide the Light
Shall swirl in a heap at your feet.

How is it that you fly in this gravity Of darkness??

The birds’ favorite songs
You do not hear,

For their most flamboyant music takes place
When their wings are stretched
Above the trees

And they are smoking the opium
Of pure freedom.

It is healthy for the prisoner
To have faith

That one day he will again move about Wherever he wants,
Feel the wondrous grit of life -
Less structured,

Find all wounds, debts stamped canceled,

I once asked a bird,
“How is it that you fly in this gravity
Of darkness?”

She responded,

“Love lifts Me.”

Monday, August 15, 2016

The things that happen to us by François de La Rochefoucauld

The good and bad things that happen to us do not move us
according to how great they are, but to how sensitive we are.
François de La Rochefoucauld

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How impressive is the eloquence of silence! by Charles Lanman,

How impressive is the eloquence of silence!
Sweet indeed is the voice of woman—the fire-side song of those,
who are near and dear to us. Sweet, the sounds of morning and
evening twilight. Sweet, the million melodies continually
floating over the bosom of Nature. But there are hours in
the life of every man when the music of silence is dearer
to him than all.
Charles Lanman,Musings

The heart which never glows with love by Omar Khayyám

Alas for that cold heart, which never glows
With love, nor e’er that charming madness knows;
The days misspent with no redeeming love;—
No days are wasted half as much as those!
Omar Khayyám

Eldar Mansurov - Taleyim

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Put your creed into your deed

Go, put your creed into your deed,
Nor speak with double tongue.
Ralph W. Emerson

All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh
less than a single lovely action.
James Russel Lowell


The world breaks every one and afterward
many are strong at the broken places.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

There's no dearth of kindness by Gerald Massey

There's no dearth of kindness
In this world of ours;
Only in our blindness
We gather thorns for flowers.
Gerald Massey

The good or the real by Chishala Lishomwa

I no longer look for the good in people,
I search for the real.

Because while good is often dressed in fake clothing,
real is naked and proud no matter the scars.
Chishala Lishomwa

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Selected Quotes & Excerpts From Sand & Foam by Khalil Gibran

Twice Born(Venuto al Mondo)-Eduardo Cruz

I AM FOREVER walking upon these shores,
Betwixt the sand and the foam,
The high tide will erase my foot-prints,
And the wind will blow away the foam.
But the sea and the shore will remain

They say to me in their awakening, "You and the world you live
in are but a grain of sand upon the infinite shore of an infinite sea."
And in my dream I say to them, "I am the infinite sea, and all
worlds are but grains of sand upon my shore."

My house says to me, "Do not leave me, for here dwells your past.
And the road says to me, "Come and follow me, for I am your future."
And I say to both my house and the road, "I have no past, nor have
I a future. If I stay here, there is a going in my staying; and
if I go there is a staying in my going. Only love and death will
change all things.

How can I lose faith in the justice of life, when the dreams of those
who sleep upon feathers are not more beautiful than the dreams of those
who sleep upon the earth? Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain.

Seven times have I despised my soul:
The first time when I saw her being meek that she might attain height.
The second time when I saw her limping before the crippled.
The third time when she was given to choose between
the hard and the easy, and she chose the easy.
The fourth time when she committed a wrong, and comforted
herself that others also commit wrong.

The fifth time when she forbore for weakness,
and attributed her patience to strength.
The sixth time when she despised the ugliness of a face,
and knew not that it was one of her own masks.
And the seventh time when she sang a song of praise,
and deemed it a virtue.

A traveler am I and a navigator, and every day
I discover a new region within my soul.

We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells
with windows and some without.

Though the wave of words is forever upon us,
yet our depth is forever silent.

You are blind and I am deaf and dumb,
so let us touch hands and understand.

The voice of life in me cannot reach the ear of life in you;
but let us talk that we may not feel lonely.

They say to me, "Should you know yourself you would know all men.
And I say, "Only when I seek all men shall I know myself.

MAN IS TWO men; one is awake in darkness, the other is asleep in light.
If you can see only what light reveals and hear only what sound announces,
Then in truth you do not see nor do you hear.

Some of us are like ink and some like paper.
And if it were not for the blackness of some of us, some of us would be dumb;
And if it were not for the whiteness of some of us, some of us would be blind.

Love is a word of light, written by a hand
of light, upon a page of light.

Love that does not renew itself every day becomes
a habit and in turn a slavery.

Lovers embrace that which is between
them rather than each other.

Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.

Every man loves two women; the one is the creation
of his imagination, and the other is not yet born.

Men who do not forgive women their little faults
will never enjoy their great virtues.

When a man's hand touches the hand of a woman
they both touch the heart of eternity.

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

If you do not understand your friend under all
conditions you will never understand him.

We shall never understand one another until
we reduce the language to seven words.

Had I filled myself with all that you know what room
should I have for all that you do not know?

Please do not whitewash your inherent faults with your acquired virtues.
I would have the faults; they are like mine own.

The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals
to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you.
Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what
he says but rather to what he does not say.

Your most radiant garment is of the other person's weaving;
You most savory meal is that which you eat at the other person's table;
Your most comfortable bed is in the other person's house.
Now tell me, how can you separate yourself from the other person?

If the other person laughs at you, you can pity him;
but if you laugh at him you may never forgive yourself.
If the other person injures you, you may forget the injury;
but if you injure him you will always remember.
In truth the other person is your most sensitive self given another body.

Hate is a dead thing. Who of you would be a tomb?

Oftentimes I have hated in self-defense; but if I were stronger
I would not have used such a weapon.

How stupid is he who would patch the hatred
in his eyes with the smile of his lips.

If your heart is a volcano how shall you expect
flowers to bloom in your hands?

When you see a man led to prison say in your heart,
"Mayhap he is escaping from a narrower prison.
And when you see a man drunken say in your heart,
"Mayhap he sought escape from something still more unbeautiful.

You cannot have youth and the knowledge of it at the same time;
For youth is too busy living to know, and knowledge is too busy seeking itself to live. You may sit at your window watching the passersby. And watching you may see a nun walking toward your right hand, and a prostitute toward your left hand.

And you may say in your innocence, "How noble is the one and how ignoble is the other. But should you close your eyes and listen awhile you would hear a voice whispering in the ether, "One seeks me in prayer, and the other in pain. And in the spirit of each there is a bower for my spirit.

There are three miracles of our Brother Jesus not yet recorded in the Book:
the first that He was a man like you and me, the second that He had a sense
of humour, and the third that He knew He was a conqueror though conquered.

Crucified One, you are crucified upon my heart;
and the nails that pierce your hands pierce the walls of my heart.
And tomorrow when a stranger passes by this Golgotha he will not know that two bled here. He will deem it the blood of one man.

You may have heard of the Blessed Mountain.
It is the highest mountain in our world.
Should you reach the summit you would have only one desire,
and that to descend and be with those who dwell in the deepest valley.
That is why it is called the Blessed Mountain.

Friday, August 5, 2016

What Are Heavy? by Christina Rossetti

What Are Heavy?
Christina Rossetti

What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow.
What are brief? Today and tomorrow.
What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth.
What are deep? The ocean and truth.

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