Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quote on Nature ,spirituality and God

If we can hear the voice of God in all sounds, see the sweep of His will in all motions, catch hints of His taste in all beauty, follow the reach of His imagination in all heights and distances, and trace the delicate ministry of His love in all the little graces and utilities that spring and blossom about us as thick as the grass, we shall tread God's world with reverent feet as if it were a temple. The pure and solemn eyes of the indwelling soul will look forth upon us from every thing which His hands have made. Nature will be to us, not some dark tissue of cloth of mystery flowing from some unseen loom, but a vesture of light in which God has enrobed Himself; and with worshipful fingers we shall rejoice to touch even the hem of His garment.
J. H. Ecob


  1. Love this quote and resonates profoundly since I was a Passionate Gardener and found peace and serenity in that environment.

    1. Wishing you peace and healing .Thanks for the comment


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