Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inspirational Story:And This Too Shall Pass by Author Unknown

And This Too Shall Pass
Author Unknown

Long ago there was an Eastern Monarch who was troubled with many worries, harassed on all sides, so he called to him the wisest men in his counsel.

He asked them to create a motto, a few simple and magic words, that could help him in times of trouble and distress.

“It must be brief enough to be engraved on my ring.” he said.

That way he could have it close to him at all times.

The monarch lowered his gaze so that these men could not be shaken by the worry that plagued their ruler. He spoke, his words desperately trying to convey a courage that he hoped he would soon reclaim, “It must be appropriate in every situation, equally as useful in prosperity and adversity. It must be a motto wise and true. Something to last to the end of time. Simple words that any man, woman or child can be guided by their whole lives. In every circumstance, no matter what may happen”

For several days these wise men too to their task. They loved the monarch and it tore at their hearts to see him bear such a heavy sorrow.

Finally they emerged from their chambers and came to the Monarch with their magic words.

“These words shall comfort and give rise to wisdom for every change or or chance that life can take,” declared the wise men.

“Words that will fit every situation, good or bad, and our perceptions that cloud both extremes. Words to ease the heavy heart and tortured mind in every circumstance.”

And the words they gave the monarch to engrave of his cherished ring were:

And this too shall pass away

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