Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Music:Giovanni Marradi-
Adagio In D Minor

Richard Lawson

It is essential that I stand here at the water's edge
watching the waves wash over silky sand.
I must commit this sight to memory
though I have been here now so many times

It is important, time is conspiring
to rob me of this ancient vision
the tide is ebbing, and still I do not know
how that smooth wave

will grow, and crest, and fall
and hiss its foaming feathers at my feet.
I cannot see its essence, only the form
And memory of other waves.

It is important that I stand here,
facing the simple line where sky and sea
merge in infinity; stand here
in this domain where sea melts into land;

stand at this margin, unchanged since
our living world condensed
out of the crucible of energy
that is the breath of Spirit.

Stand with my back towards
those children darting from pool to pool
touching with round red hands
the coldness of the endless sea

Turning my back upon that seaside town
Its hollow walls, wasp nest with sharper lines,
giving a fair pretence of permanence
but stained with salt-rust, and its footings cracked.

I am compelled to stand here watching
trying to learn, remember, trying to sense.
For we shall pass, the sea
shall stay. And hidden in the shorebreak

There is a revelation surer than any teaching,
if only we could hear. The Infinite is here
Breathing again and again one word


  1. Very remarkable images and poetry. I enjoyed all of it very much. I hope to get more and more of such beauties !


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