Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do You Hear Your Heart's Whispers

Michael &Inessa Garmash Art

As important as loving and being loved is, I want you to consider
a much more important aspect of love: ‘Self-Love.’

At the very core of our existence is the hunger to know
ourselves; to feel connected, valued, secure and important.
We all struggle to understand ourselves.

Imagine your own potential if you could meet with your true self
and find that you did indeed truly love yourself.

Let's first get rid of the idea that I am talking about ego, vanity,
boasting or arrogance. Self-love has nothing to do with these
characteristics.These are masks we wear, to hide the fact that
we are insecure.
Self-love does not involve insecurity or vanity.

How on earth did we all get so stuffed up that we actually
believe that we are something less than perfect?

We have all learned to wear masks. We have had to. Sometimes
it’s a matter of self-preservation but mostly it’s just social
conditioning.It's funny really to consider that we are all
searching for our soul-mate from behind our masks.

How will they know us? How will we know them if we are both
hiding?Usually we don’t even acknowledge our own falseness
and yet we expect others to be authentic and to see us
as authentic.

If we seriously want to create loving relationships in our life,
then we must first stop and consider who and what you truly are.

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