Thursday, October 11, 2012

Insightful Spirituality Quotes by Shams Tabrizi

Nothing kills the soul that commands to evil like seeing the beauty of the heart.

Intellect takes you to the door, but it doesn’t take you into the house.

may be one fault in a man that conceals a thousand qualities, or one excellence that conceals a thousand faults. The little indicates much.

whole universe is sum up in the human being. Devil is not a monster waiting to trap us, he is a voice inside. Look for your devil in yourself, not in the others. Don’t forget that the one who knows his Devil, knows his God.

words we use for the Creator are a reflect of ourselves. If we think of God as fear and shame, we are scared and have something to be ashamed of … But if we see love, compassion and kindness, it is because we possess these qualities.

Whatever happens to you, don’t fall in despair. Even if all the doors are closed, a secret path will be there for you that no one knows. You can’t see it yet but so many paradises are at the end of this path. Be grateful! It is easy to thank after obtaining what you want, thank before having what you want.

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