Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm unable to feel by Fernando Pessoa

I'm unable to feel
Fernando Pessoa

I'm unable to feel, to be human, to reach out
From inside my sad soul to my fellow earthly brothers.
And even were I to feel, I'm unable to be
useful, practical, quotidian, definite,
To have a place in life, a destiny among men,
To have a vocation, a force, a will, a garden,
A reason for resting, a need for recreation,
Something that comes to me directly from nature.

So be motherly to me, O tranquil night...
You who remove the world from the world,
you who are peace,
You who don't exist,who are only the absence of light,
You who aren't a thing,a place, an essence or a life, Penelope who weaves darkness that tomorrow will be unravelled,
Come to me,O night,reach out your hands,
And be coolness and relief,O night,on my forehead...

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