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Reflections on Music:Of Music by Khalil Gibran

Secret Garden-Poéme

Of Music
Khalil Gibran
From"The voice of The master"

I sat by one whom my heart loves,and I listened to her words. My soul began to wander in the infinite spaces where the universe appeared like a dream,and the body like a narrow prison.
The enchanting voice of my Beloved entered my heart.

This is Music,oh friends,for I heard her through the sighs
of the one I loved,and through the words,half uttered between her lips.
With the eyes of my hearing I saw my Beloved’s heart.

My friends: Music is the language of spirits.
Its melody is like the frolicsome breeze that makes the strings quiver with love.
When the gentle fingers of Music knock at the door of our feelings,they awaken memories that have long been hidden in the depths of the Past.

The sad strains of Music bring us mournful recollections;
and her quiet strains bring us joyful memories.
The sound of strings makes us weep at the departure of
a dear one,or makes us smile at the peace God has
bestowed upon us.
The soul of Music is of the Spirit,and her mind is
of the Heart.

When God created Man,he gave him Music as a language
different from all other languages.And early man sang
her glory in the wilderness; and she drew the hearts
of kings and moved them from their thrones.
Our souls are like tender flowers at the mercy of the winds
of Destiny.They tremble in the morning breeze,and bend
their heads under the falling dews of heaven.

The song of the bird awakens Man from his slumber,and
invites him to join in the psalms of glory to Eternal
Wisdom that has created the song of the bird.
Such music makes us ask ourselves the meaning of
the mysteries contained in ancient books.

When the birds sing, do they call to the flowers in
the fields,or are they speaking to the trees,or are
they echoing the murmur of the brooks?
For Man with his understanding cannot know what
the bird is saying,nor what the brook is murmuring,
nor what the waves whisper when they touch the beaches
slowly and gently.

Man with his understanding cannot know what the rain
is saying when it falls upon the leaves of the trees
or when it taps at the window panes.He cannot know
what the breeze is saying to the flowers in the fields.

But the Heart of Man can feel and grasp the meaning of
those sounds that play upon his feelings.Eternal Wisdom
often speaks to him in a mysterious language;Soul and
Nature converse together, while Man stands speechless
and bewildered.
Yet has not Man wept at the sounds? And are not his tears
eloquent understanding?

Divine Music!
Daughter of the Soul of Love

Vase of bitterness and of

Dream of the human heart, fruit
of Sorrow

Flower of joy, fragrance and
bloom of feeling

Tongue of lovers, revealer of

Mother of the tears of hidden love

Inspirer of poets, composers,

Unity of thoughts within fragments
of words
Designer of love out of beauty
Wine of the exulting heart in
a world of dreams

Heartener of warriors, and strengthener
of souls
Ocean of mercy and sea of tenderness

O Music
In your depths we deposit our hearts
and souls
Thou hast
taught us to see with our
And hear with our hearts.

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  1. Here, on one blog spot I found treasure that my heart has longed for . I'm glad that there are people out there who seek the same.


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