Monday, March 10, 2014

Reflections On Life & Death:Being sure in death I am strong in life by D.H. Lawrence

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Being sure in death I am strong in life
D.H. Lawrence
From"Women In Love"

When I want to move,I remember death,how it is ultimate
and inevitable,and pure.Then I am free to move properly
in life.It's like a man who wants to think,going and
standing in front of a window.
The space purifys ones' soul.And death is a window to me, with the darkness outside.

And when I stand there,looking out,then the world and its active life seems only like a roomful of racket and light behind me,where I am taking part for a time,but not staying for long.It does not contain me and confine me.

When I stand peacefully looking out on death,what is true in my soul disengages itself and is free and clear and untrammeled,I know what to do,I am sure,and free,and glad. Then I can turn into the world again...

When one stands in front of the darkness,and knows that one's own life will pass away there also,into the darkness... then,in the peace that accompanies this knowledge,one can declare simply that the existing world of man is base and wrong,and must go,we know that our lives contain the inception of a new earth..

...Remembering death,I know the life of the world as it is now is not living, it is a bad process of dying.
And what we must live for is a new world of life.It doesn't matter when we die,so long as we live fulfilling the deepest desire that is in us.And a life which is a denial of the deepest desire is much worse than any death,
it is a sheer lie.

If one accepts death and knows that nothing can take us away from that,one has the freedom and strength to live in truth, putting down the lies that pretend they own our living. But one must have the pure knowledge of death behind one, before one has really faith to tackle life and falsity.
Being sure in death I am strong in life.

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