Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's true that we live in a harsh world, but it's also true that gentleness invades that harshness with its own kind of beauty. We see it in the way a mother cradles a newborn baby, in the eyes of a father roughhousing with a preschooler, in the silence of a setting sun, in the affectionate caress of a lifetime lover and friend, in the peace that settles during an anxious prayer, and in a thousand ways more.
Mike and Amy Nappa

What would you have? Your gentleness shall force More than your force move us to gentleness.
William Shakespeare


  1. That is just the most adorable picture ever, sure to melt any heart and warm every soul.

    1. This is the point of adding this picture and of my whole blog.To soft the heart.
      The soul is healed by being with children: said Fyodor Dostoevsky


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