Friday, May 29, 2015

The word 'Why':You won't know until you ask by Anne Frank

Ever since I was a little girl and could barely talk, the word 'why' has lived and grown along with me. It's a well-known fact that children ask questions about anything and everything, since almost everything is new to them. That is especially true of me, and not just as a child. Even when I was older, I couldn't stop asking questions. I have to admit that it can be annoying sometimes, but I comfort myself with the thought that "You won't know until you ask," though by now I've asked so much that they ought to have made me a professor.

When I got older,I noticed that not all questions can be asked and that many whys can never be answered.As a result, I tried to work things out for myself by mulling over my own questions.And I came to the important discovery that questions which you either can't or shouldn't ask in public, or questions which you can't put into words, can easily be solved in your own head.So the word 'why' not only taught me to ask, but also to think.And thinking has never hurt anyone. On the contrary, it does us all a world of good.
Anne Frank, Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex

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