Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A SONG by Carolyn Sloan

Carolyn Sloan

I sang a song yesterday,
I thought I sang it well.
The notes were all in tune.
The phrases smooth and uninterrupted
by unconscious breaths.
I varied the rhythms and spoke the words clearly.
I anticipated each key change.
My voice was warm and moved effortlessly
through each rise and fall of the melody.
When I finished, I was sure I’d told the story well
and communicated my interpretation.

But I did not experience a feeling.
My heart remained unchanged.
I was unmoved.
My soul still yearned for expression.
Despite my efforts,
I realized I had not sung at all.
The music, it seemed, slept quietly beside me,
patiently waiting to be awakened.
I decided to start again.
This time I did not listen.
I did not watch.
I did not think.
This time I willingly vanished.
This time I became….. a song.

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