Saturday, October 1, 2016

How does it feel to be a heart? By hafiz and Other famous inspirational love poems and quotes of Hafiz

Love Affair-Ennio Morricone

How does it feel to be a heart?

Once a young woman asked me,
“How does it feel to be a man?”

And I replied, “my dear, I am not so sure.”
Then she said, “Well, aren’t you a man?”

And this time I replied, “I view gender
as a beautiful animal that people often
take for a walk on a leash and might enter
in some odd contest to try to win strange prizes.

My dear, a better question for Hafiz
would have been,‘How does it feel to be a heart?’

For all I know is love,
I find my heart infinite and everywhere!

The seal of love

THE jewel of the secret treasury
Is still the same as once it was; the seal
Upon Love's treasure casket, and the key,
Are still what thieves can neither break nor steal;
Still among lovers loyalty is found,
And therefore faithful eyes still strew the ground
With the same pearls that mine once strewed for thee.

The Jeweler

If a naive and desperate man
Brings a precious stone
To the only jeweler in town,
Wanting to sell it,
The jeweler's eyes
Will begin to play a game,
Like most eyes in the world when they look at you.

The jeweler's face will stay calm.
He will not want to reveal the stone's true value,
But to hold the man captive to fear and greed
While he calculates
The value of the transaction.

But one moment with me, my dear,
Will show you
That there is nothing,
Hafiz wants from you.

When you sit before a Master like me,
Even if you are a drooling mess,
My eyes sing with Excitement
They see your Divine Worth.


Sweet Heart,
Do you really want me to speak to you
About all your attachments,

Your attachments! My dear,
Let’s not speak of those,

For Hafiz understands the sufferings
Of your heart.

Hafiz knows
The torments and agonies
That every mind on the way to Annihilation in the Sun
Must endure.

So at night in my prayers I often stop
And ask a thousand angels to join in
And Applaud,

And Applaud
Anything in this world
That can bring your heart comfort!”


In the morning
when I began to wake,
it happened again–

that feeling
that you, Beloved,
had stood over me all night
keeping watch,

that feeling
that as soon as I began to stir

you put your lips on my forehead
and lit the Holy Lamp
inside my heart.

With You on my side I have no fear

O Beloved, even against a thousand armies,
with You on my side I have no fear.

The promise of union with You has kept me alive,and fearing
separation from You, many deaths I’ve already died.

If the breeze should take away Your scent, for each breeze
that blows I’ll make a rip in my coat.

Do you think that I’ve been lying around sleeping all these years?
Never!Or that I’ve learned to be patient from all this separation
and all this pain?Lord, no!

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