Monday, October 17, 2016

The garden of our affections by John McLandburgh.

IN the garden of our affections
there are certain loyal natures
that continue faithful through all
things ; as in the kingdom of vegeta-
tion there are certain finely organized
and sensitive growths of flower and
vine, which are so susceptible to
warmth, and light, and beauty, that
they do nothing all their lives but
look at the sun.

In the russet dawn,
with a sublime faith, they watch the
East for his coming. Turning on
their slender stems all day long, they
follow him as he makes the circuit
of the sky ; and at nightfall, after he
has sunk from sight, we behold again
these flowers, their faces westward
now, with the dewdrops shining on
their petals, like tears gathered in the
eyes of parted friendship.
John McLandburgh

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