Monday, July 11, 2011

A gentle breeze by Samuel E Stone

A Gentle Breeze
by Samuel E Stone

A gentle breeze began to flow,
creating music to one's ears,
whence it came no one knows,
yet it takes away all our fears.

Possessing such power and might,
as it steadily warms the cool air,
leaves dancing everywhere in sight,
magical essence to those who dare.

A single gift of beauty to behold,
the soft wind felt upon your face,
yet, in it's fury it can be so bold,
not every moment is satin and lace.

It carries the fragrance of flowers,
blending aroma of Spring so rare,
hard to believe in Winter it devours,
but for now, it's splendor we share.

The mystical wind is like life itself,
for it contains both good and bad,
never found sitting idle on a shelf,
it can make one happy or forever sad.

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