Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peace,love and happiness of Humanity by William Ellery Channing/Peace quote

Peace is the highest and most strenuous act of the soul,
but an entirely harmonious act, in which all our powers
and affections are blending in a beautiful proportion,
and sustain and perfect one another.
It is more than the silence after storms. It is as the concord
of all melodious sounds ... an alliance of love with all beings,
a sympathy with all that is pure and happy, a surrender of every
separate will and interest, a participation of the spirit and
life of the universe.... This is peace, and the true happiness
of humanity.
William Ellery Channing

1 comment:

  1. La paz, algo que tanto se desea, y si conectamos con nuestro interior la encontramos, y si obramos mediante ella todo cambia. Hemos de aprender mucho aún.
    Un fuerte abrazo y gracias por la entrada


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