Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiring beauty quote by ROGER SCRUTON

Elena Flerova painting

Much that is said about beauty and its importance
in our lives ignores the minimal beauty of
an unpretentious street, a nice pair of shoes
or a tasteful piece of wrapping paper, as though
those things belonged to a different order
of value from a church by Bramante or a Shakespeare sonnet.
Yet these minimal beauties are far more important to our
daily lives, and far more intricately involved in our
own rational decisions, than the great works of art which
(if we are lucky) occupy our leisure hours.
They are part of the context in which we live our lives,
and our desire for harmony, fittingness and civility
is both expressed and confirmed in them. Moreover,
the great works of architecture often depend for
their beauty on the humble context that these lesser
beauties provide.

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