Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lessons of nature:inspiring quote on nature and trees by Bernie S. Siegel

All of nature offers lessons on living, free of charge.
One morning I noticed a dead tree supporting many living
things--fungus, vines, lichen--which taught me that even
after death we can continue to support those who live on.
Living trees on our property teach other lessons.
One tree has grown around a barbed wire fence.
Another has grown around a nail, and a third through a chain
link fence. These trees teach me how to accept irritation,
absorb the pain and grow around problems. Nature teaches me
how to find my place, grow toward the sunlight and bypass
obstacles. To survive, we must be able to change in response
to whatever is required by the challenge of the moment.
Our bodies know this, but our minds often rebel when change
is necessary.
Bernie S. Siegel

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