Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women Quotes for Women's Day

A woman whom Providence has provided with beauty
of spirit and body is a truth, at the same time both open
and secret, which we can understand only by love, and
touch only by virtue; and when we attempt to describe
such a woman she disappears like a vapor.

Women opened the windows of my eyes and the doors of
spirit. Had it not been for the woman-mother, the
woman-sister, and the woman-friend, I would have been
sleeping among those who seek the tranquility
of the world with their snoring.

Writers and poets try to understand the truth about
woman. But until this day they have never understood
her heart because, looking upon her through the veil
of desire, they see nothing except the shape of her body.
Or they look upon her through a magnifying glass
of spite and find nothing in her but weakness and submission.
Khalil Gibran

The very first
Of human life must spring from woman’s breast:
Your first small words are taught you from her lips;
Your first tears quench’d by her, and your last sighs
Too often breath’d out in a woman’s hearing,
When men have shrunk from the ignoble care
Of watching the last hour of him who led them.
Lord Byron

O Woman, you are not merely the handiwork of God, but also of men;
these are ever endowing you with beauty from their own hearts.
Poets are weaving for you a web with threads of golden imagery;
painters are giving your form ever new immortality.
The sea gives its pearls, the mines their gold,
the summer gardens their flowers to deck you,
to cover you, to make you more precious.
You are one-half woman and one-half dream.
Rabindranath Tagore

O woman! in ordinary cases so mere a mortal, how,
in the great and
rare events of life, dost thou swell into the angel!

On one she smiled, and he was blest;
She smiles elsewhere—we make a din!
But ’twas not love which heaved her breast,
Fair child!—it was the bliss within.
Matthew Arnold

The world was sad!—the garden was a wild!
And man, the hermit, sigh’d—till woman smiled.
Thomas Campbell

To describe women, the pen should be dipped
in the humid colors of the rainbow, and the paper dried with
the dust gathered from the wings of a butterfly.

God has placed the genius of women in their hearts,
because the works of this genius are always works of love.
Alphonse de Lamartine

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