Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just to Dance by by Linda Staten

Just to Dance
by Linda Staten

Just to dance--
just to let the music take you
in a way that seems to make you
feel suspended everytime you leave the floor...

Just to soar--
in a moment free and aerial
to rise magically ethereal,
like an angel in a gossamery swirl...

Just to whirl--
and to nimbly pirouette
into a twirling silhouette,
high on pointe, with muscles taut down to your toes...

Just to pose--
with body sculpted, statuesque,
to excute an arabesque,
and with fragile, artful grace sustain your stance...

Just to prance--
to step in flawless syncopation
with the corps in tight formation,
marking time with every heartbeat, every turn...

Just to yearn--
to be poetry in motion,
and, with disciplined devotion,
to create a thing of beauty and romance...

Just to dance!

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