Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inspirational child quote:How to Talk with Children by Leo Buscaglia

Before we can teach children life, we've got to learn again how to simply talk with them. I would like to write a book called "How to Talk with Children," because all I can see that goes on among adults and children is we're always talking at them, we're always talking through them or beyond them.We're never communicating with them.

In order to really communicate with the kids, we've got to practice deep knee bends. We've got to get down there so we're face-to-face with them. We've got to try to get into their world and stop telling them about ours. Listen to them. Ask them to tell us what they see and feel and hear, because, you may be surprised, they may teach you something.It may get you back in touch with some of the wonder that was you and which you've forgotten.
Leo Buscaglia

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