Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Best & famous Quotes from Don Quijote de la mancha by Miguel de Cervante

Get the better of yourself -
this is the best kind of victory.

Time ripens all things; no man is born wise.

Where there's music there can be no evil.

Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles.

Make yourself honey and the flies will devour you.

Be slow of tongue and quick of eye.

Experience is the universal mother of sciences.

Good actions ennoble us, and we are the sons of our deeds.

Can we ever have too much of a good thing?

Well, there's a remedy for all things but death,
which will be sure to lay us flat one time or other.

There is no remembrance which time does not obliterate,
nor pain which death does not terminate.

We ought to love our Maker for His own sake,
without either hope of good or fear of pain.

He who loses wealth loses much;
he who loses a friend loses more;
but he that loses his courage loses all.

No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly;
and this self-deceit is yet stronger with respect to
the offspring of the mind.

It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow,
and not to venture all his eggs in one basket.

Three things too much, and three too little are pernicious to man;
to speak much, and know little; to spend much, and have little;
to presume much, and be worth little.

It is not the responsibility of knights errant to discover whether
the afflicted, the enchained and the oppressed whom they encounte
on the road are reduced to these circumstances and suffer this
distress for their vices, or for their virtues: the knight's sole
responsibility is to succour them as people in need, having eyes
only for their sufferings, not for their misdeeds.


  1. Greetings from the UK. I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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