Saturday, October 28, 2017

O divine music! by Khalil Gibran

Nostalgia - Judy Esther

khalil Gibran

Music is the quivering of a string, charged with waves
from the upper air,it penetrates your hearing, its echos
emerges from your eyes in a burning tear, and from your
lips as they sigh for a beloved one being far away,or it
utters a moan caused by the sting of history and the fangs of destiny.

And it can happen that the notes of music are reflected
on your lips as a smile of fulfilment.

Music is a houri in the paradise of the gods,
who was in love with the sons of Adam, Then
she came down to earth and told them of her love.
The gods, in a fury, ordered a terrible wind
to rush after her in pursuit.

In this way, she was scattered through the air
and disseminated to all the corners of the earth.
She did not die, she still lives in the ears of humans.

Music is the echo of the first kiss bestowed by Adam on the lips of Eve.
And ever since then this echo has caused pleausre to
rebound onto fingers as they play and ears as they listen.

Through the eyes of hearing I was able to see the heart of love.

Music is the language of the spirit.
Its melody is like a playful breeze
which makes the strings vibrate with love.

When the fairy fingers of music touch the doorway of feelings
they awake memories enclosed in the depths of the past.

O divine music!

We lay our hearts and our souls
closely within you.

You teach us to see with our ears,
and to listen with our hearts.

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