Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dance Life by Sandie Hum

Dance Life
Sandie Hum

Sink your fingers into the earth
taste the delicacy of the herbs
Feel the suffering of the world
and send out love in return
Until the pulse of life…throbs within…

and you ARE
the creation and destruction of the universe
With each solider going into war
each refugee wondering where home is
Each child
dancing in the rain
or starving, no energy to move
Or playing, running with a pack of kids in a park
or falling and crying for Ma
or staring in wonder at a birthday cake aflame
with candles and presents beyond…

with the elder, sitting wisely in state
or the one sitting cold, hungry, lonely and in pain
With the businessman barking into his cell phone
as he strides forth with his briefcase
With the mother, wailing, holding the bullet-ridden body
of her son amidst the street’s rubble

with the lava, flowing in the dark
moving, congealing, spreading its fiery river
With each star spiraling out in expanding galaxies
and the drop of rain falling into the Pacific Ocean
With the rabbit, bounding across the plain,
suddenly snatched up and torn apart by the eagle’s talons

with the lovers, tangled, sweaty, heaving
lost in each other’s eyes, united with the universe
With the father, lovingly standing strong against his young son,
who he will see grows into a man
With the board member, feeling into each personality and figure
with her heart, mind and body even as she runs a meeting

With each texture, sound and taste of a moment
letting it engulf you, feel you, inspire you, breathe you
Dance Life, my love, dance

May it take a moment
Or a lifetime
To truly feel the texture of a child’s hair against your cheek
to fully embrace the pain of your breaking heart until it cracks open
Until you laugh so hard your stomach is one big clench
and tears run free down your face

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