Thursday, July 19, 2012

Enlarge my heart by George Appleton

Enlarge my heart
George Appleton

Enlarge my heart, God,
to the dimensions of your heart,
O limitless Love.
Let nothing be thought
common or unclean
which thou hast cleansed.
Let no one be thought
too exalted, so that
I only respect
but do not love.
Let no one be regarded
as too humble, so that
I patronise or despise.
Let no one be thought
as of little value
and written off.
For each is dear to thee
with his own potential
and his own hope
and his own heartbreak.
Let me say to each with thee,
‘O man greatly beloved’
infinitely and eternally
dear to thee.
O Lord Love,
enlarge my heart
to the dimensions of thine.

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