Thursday, December 8, 2011

My riches by Norma Marek/Gratitude and nature poem

Art by Michael and Inessa Garmash

As I stepped onto the morning grass
so soft and green,
An awesome beauty lay there,
like no other I had seen.
Dewdrops, sparkling with colors
from the rising sun,
Like no jewel that man can make,
it just cannot be done!

You can keep your silver
that makes you so very proud,
I find my riches every day,
in a floating, fluffy cloud.
Gold I have no need for,
I have more than you can get.
I see and feel it all around me,
in each beautiful sunset.

A ruby and an emerald,
I find in each leaf and flower of a rose,
No matter where I travel,
all my riches with me goes.
I am bathed in nectar,
when I feel the wetness of the rain,
And shaded as a queen,
as I walk down a tree lined lane.

A gentle breeze cools me
and whispers in my listening ear,
The sweet music of creation
that I love to feel and hear.
If I tire of certain riches, I look across
a meadow filled with flowers,
And I see majestic mountains
that replace your tallest towers.

I have all the diamonds
I could ever want to fill my eyes,
They sit within a universe,
in the velvet nighttime skies.
With you I share my awesome wealth,
if you'll take time to see,
Though I may be poor in money,
I am much richer,than most will ever be!

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