Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Unveiler of All that is Veiled...by Rumi

Abbey Altson

The Unveiler of All that is Veiled...

One night I asked Love: “Tell me truly, who are you?”
It said: “I am life eternal, I multiply the lovely life.”
I said: “O you who are beyond each place, where is
your home?”
It said: “I am together with the heart’s fire and beside
the wet eye,
I am a dyer; due to me every cheek turns saffron-colored.
I am a swift-footed messenger, and the lover my lean
I am the crimson of the tulip, the merchandise’s worth,
I am the sweetness of lament, the unveiler of all that is
veiled . . .”

1 comment:

  1. Es precioso cielo. El amor, esa palabra maravillosa que mueve al universo.
    Un beso y feliz entrada de año


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