Saturday, December 10, 2011

Understanding Nature and its sounds :Inspiring quote on Birds,Nature,Earth and Environment By Khalil Gibran

When the birds sing, do they call to the flowers
in the fields,or are they speaking to the trees,
or are they echoing the murmur of the brooks?
For Man with his understanding cannot know what
the bird is saying, nor what the brook is murmuring,
nor what the waves whisper when they touch the beaches
slowly and gently.

Man with his understanding cannot know what the rain
is saying when it falls upon the leaves of the trees
or when it taps at the window panes. He cannot know
what the breeze is saying to the flowers in the fields.

But the Heart of Man can feel and grasp the meaning
of these sounds that play upon his feelings.
Eternal Wisdom often speaks to him in a mysterious
language; Soul and Nature converse together, while
Man stands speechless and bewildered.
Yet has not Man wept at the sounds? And are not his
tears eloquent understanding?
Khalil Gibran,Excerpt from"Of Music"

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  1. Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorite philosopers.

    I have a question. How does one include gifs in our blogs? Have never figured it out.


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